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No More Red

Idris Elba and Ian Wright
Idris Elba and Ian Wright

No More Red is an initiative between Arsenal and adidas that will see adidas support the long-standing work being done by Arsenal in the Community to keep young people safe from knife crime and youth violence.

As part of the campaign, we have worked with actor Idris Elba and Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

Elba, founder of Don’t Stab Your Future and mentor as part of No More Red said, “From the time young people leave school, until the time they’re at home with family, there is often a void, a dangerous spike of nothing to do, where nothing can easily turn to something dangerous. 

“If there continues to be no options for this after-school period, we will always see gangs form. Let’s create options for these young people.”

You can watch more from Ian Wright and Idris Elba here

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