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Arsenal in the Community Level 3 Sports Science & Coaching
Samantha is back at Emirates – with an exciting role at the Rugby League World Cup

Over the course of the 2022/23 season we will hear from a wide range of local people who have benefitted from Arsenal in the Community projects. Here we find out more about how Samantha has used our Level 3 Sports Science & Coaching course as a springboard to an exciting career in sport.

Project: Arsenal Students Level 3 Sports Science & Coaching

Established: 1986

Participants since starting: 1,000-plus

Weekly participants: 32

Sessions: Monday to Friday (academic timetable)

Available to: Students aged 16 to 18 years

About the participant: Samantha is a 21-year-old from Hertfordshire who was part of our Level 3 Sports Science and Coaching sessions – and has been on an amazing journey ever since!  

Participant Samantha says…

“Initially I’d seen an advertisement on Twitter about the course. At the time I had enrolled into sixth form but was enjoying playing football and coaching – I wanted to take my next steps into football as I knew this would benefit me and my career aspirations.

“My cousin unfortunately took his own life around the summer I had applied, so I was battling with my mental health as well as trying to understand the loss we had as a family. For me football was my escape and my happy place.

“I instantly felt accepted and welcomed as a proud member of the Arsenal family. I was involved in multiple coaching sessions, from coaching the Down syndrome sessions on a Monday to the amputee squad on a Thursday to Pentonville Prison in the half-term and many sessions in between.

“I often worked with Luke Howard, from the Community team, who was a great mentor as a coach. Three years on I still keep in touch and head down to sessions from time to time to volunteer. I also spoke to Rebecca in the club’s communications team as I was interested in working in the media – for me, she was an amazing inspiration.

“Arsenal changed my life. It was the start of my journey and opened my eyes to different careers that I could have in sport. While studying the BTEC I met many staff members and learned about their roles and how it not only benefitted the club, but also how it benefitted the community. I instantly saw the power of sport, and how it changes lives – like mine!

“After leaving I received a scholarship to study Multimedia Sports Journalism at UCFB, where I have just graduated with a first-class honours degree. I have been fortunate enough to have worked for The FA for almost two years in their event operations team, and UEFA for just over a year. Now I work full time for the Rugby League World Cup as their partnership executive, which I thoroughly enjoy.

“It has come full circle for me. Arsenal was where the start of my journey began, and now in my full-time role I will be back at the Emirates in November for the semi-final of the Rugby League World Cup.

“During my time at Arsenal I started to write a book called We Are All Somebody, which is full of the voices of street-connected children from around the world, and two years on it was published and now sits proudly in Waterstones. Arsenal believed in me and saw my vision and drive. Because of the hope instilled in me from Arsenal I’ve spoken at the Houses of Parliament, I have met Prince William and I’ve even been invited out to Doha in November for the World Cup by the British Council.

“Once a red, always a red!”

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Arsenal in the Community Level 3 Sports Science & Coaching

Samantha hands Prince William a copy of We Are All Somebody at a Down Syndrome session

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