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How will I know when away tickets go on sale?   

Ticket sales information for all away games will be advertised on the Tickets & Membership page of the Club website.  

Ticket sales for away Premier League games usually take place approximately 4 weeks prior to the game and details are advertised on the club website 5 weeks before the game.  

Ticket sales for away cup games can take place within a much shorter period of time, so please ensure you check the Club website for all up-to-date ticket information.   

Where possible,during the two-year transition period, ATS members will have at least one day priority booking access before we begin the standard sales process based on the number of away credits held by each member.  

Q. How can I buy away tickets?   
A. Away match tickets can be purchased online. Simply log in using your seven-digit membership number and password, then select your ticket(s). Booking fees will apply.  

To simplify the booking process, we recommend that you follow the below steps to make your online purchase easier:  

  • Ensure that all membership accounts are activated. Activating a membership will allow you to login to the Online Box Office where you can manage your account, including updating your contact details, purchasing tickets and renewing memberships  

  • Ensure that your contact details are up to date  

  • Should you wish to book tickets with other members, ensure that you assign each additional member to your online network prior to booking  

  • Please note, when buying tickets for others, yourself & those in your network must either be eligible for the priority booking window or have the relevant credits necessary to purchase in that booking period

For Premier League games, you will be able to select which block in the away allocation you would like to sit in, subject to availability.  

Q. Why are we making these changes?   
A. We want to make away tickets more accessible to all eligible members and we expect to see this taking effect during the discontinuation period. As ATS members no longer have to purchase tickets to every away fixture, our expectation is that this will result in tickets for each away match being made more widely available.   

Q. Will I be notified when tickets will go on sale?  
A. No, it will be your responsibility to check the website for information on when tickets will go on sale.  

Q. Am I guaranteed an away ticket?'​​​​​​
A. You will be guaranteed an away ticket if you purchase your ticket within the priority Away Ticket Scheme booking period.  

Q. Can I wait and buy tickets in another sales period with other members? 
A. Yes however, you will not be guaranteed a ticket if booking outside of the Away Ticket Scheme priority sales period and tickets are all subject to availability. 

Q. I am a season ticket holder & have taken a season ticket holiday; can I also take a season holiday from my ATS & re-join the following season?
A. Yes, but on your return for the 2022-23 season, any away points accrued from the 18/19 season will drop off.  

Q. Will I have to pay booking fees when I purchase my ticket(s)  
A. Yes, see below: 

  • Online booking fee - £1.65 per ticket 

  • Telephone booking fee - £1.85 per ticket 

Q. Will I still get priority to Cup Semi-finals and Finals?  
A. An updated cup final policy will be communicated in due course.  

Q. I am part of a Supporters Club – how can we buy our tickets?  
A. Members of Supporters Clubs are now able to purchase tickets during the Away Ticket Scheme booking window. We will allow up to 10 tickets to be booked online or over the telephone in one transaction.   

Q. I have special seating requirements (e.g. I have to sit at the front due to fans standing) – how can I request this?  
A. We are aware that a small number of members on our Away Ticket Scheme have a special seating requirement. Please call our Fan Services team on 0207 619 5000 to book your ticket during the advertised priority sales period and we will be happy to assist you.   

Q. I am a Travel Club member on the Away Ticket Scheme – will I get priority ticket access after two years?  
A. Yes, Travel Club members will be able to purchase tickets if they have the required number of away credits advertised at the time of the sale.  

Q. If the pandemic continues and prevents me from purchasing and attending away games over the next two years, meaning it is not possible to build up my away points, will this two-year booking window be reviewed?  
A. If our ability to sell away allocations is impacted by the pandemic, then of course this will be reviewed. We feel by offering a two-year priority window that will hopefully allow ample time for football stadiums to return to full capacity and for all of our fans to enjoy attending Arsenal fixtures home and away.  

Q. I was on the waiting list to become an Away Ticket Scheme member – what happens now?  
A. All members on the Away Ticket Scheme waiting list have been informed that the scheme is being phased out and no new members will be permitted during this period.   

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