The Spirit of Highbury

The Spirit of Highbury

The 'Spirit of Highbury', sometimes referred to as the 'Highbury shrine', is a mural erected in November 2009, above The Armoury at the South end of the podium at Emirates Stadium as part of the ongoing 'Arsenalisation' project.

The image features a team line-up that includes every Arsenal player and manager to have graced the Highbury turf between 1913 and 2006, and was jointly pursued by the Club and Nike with key design assistance from Wieden and Kennedy.

In all, 482 first-team players are in the line-up, as well as 14 managers, all responsible for winning countless trophies and creating the Club as it is known globally today.

"The image features a team line-up that includes every Arsenal player and manager to have graced the Highbury turf between 1913 and 2006."

Arsenal left many memories behind at Highbury, and no-one is more aware of that than manager Arsène Wenger. "I have met so many people who have been going to Arsenal for 50 or 60 years," he said, "and had their heart and soul at Highbury. We have to give them something here at Emirates that they think ‘that is part of what I have experienced my whole life'."

Using images ranging from original glass negatives to modern digital photography, the shot has been painstakingly put together by Club historian Fred Ollier, together with Nike.

Fred commented: "I was first approached to help shortly after we left Highbury and, luckily, I had provided a list of every Arsenal player who had featured at Highbury for the final match programme against Wigan. It's been a complex but very fulfilling process as I have worked through numerous versions advising on the photos, names, kits - every aspect of the project really.

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"I think it's a super way to remember what was such a special football stadium at our new home and I'm still on the look-out for pictures of the final four players who remain as silhouettes on the Spirit of Highbury. I'm confident we'll be able to include images of those players over the course of time." 

Arsenal's Chairman Peter Hill-Wood said of the project: "Everyone attached to the Club knows how big a role Highbury played in shaping not only our past, with so many wonderful footballing memories, but also our future with the vision for our many plans linked with keeping the history and principles of the Club alive.

"The Spirit of Highbury is a remarkable testament to everyone that helped lead the Club to its modern day successes and the world-class football that millions enjoy every week".

The Spirit of Highbury will now stand as a permanent symbol of the Club's proud history and testament to the achievements that have stemmed from the efforts of every player, supporter and member of staff, past and present.

The Spirit of Highbury sits next to the statue of Thierry Henry at Emirates Stadium. The nearest turnstiles are P & N.

If you can help with Fred's mission to find the images of the four missing players - Tom Maxwell, William Maycock, James Caldwell and Fred Jones - please email spirit@arsenal.co.uk with any images and information.

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