By Chris Toronyi

It's not easy being an Arsenal supporter. It provides its fair share of pain and much joy. Of course we want the Club to win every game, every player to place pinpoint passes, make every shot and every decision to be spot on.

If that were the case the game would be boring. It would lack drama. It would lack losing, lack pain. Lack everything there is about sport.

Sunday was no different. All the things I mentioned occurred, BUT they happen in every game. The reason a team loses is because of numerous slight, unforeseen miscalculations made by the other team. For instance, look at my New York Giants football game yesterday against the San Francisco 49ers. Numerous plays lead to the Giants win. Not just one. Freaky things happen in sport. They just do. I'm very happy because of it for the Giants and not so because of it for Arsenal.

Yes, our game yesterday included many opportunities for us to win (or tie). We were unable to do so. We had 10 players out injured. We had players playing out of position. We had players who looked a bit tired. Look at all the factors. It wasn't the perfect formula for a result, but we showed heart, we showed class. We fought.

Look, I'm not going to sit here and blog about what we should have done differently. There is a reason I'm sitting behind this computer. I support the Club regardless of the outcome. I'm a supporter through and through.

Yes, I may question decisions, but what good does that really do when it comes to the on-field strategy. It may make me feel better and I guess it could be a form of therapy for you or me. But you see, I like to be positive. Supportive. That's what our team needs right now. Man, I really hate "hate."

We all want the same, right? We want the Club to win, we want trophies in our cabinet. It'll come. Just be supportive.

Stateside Gooner - Chris Toronyi

'Stateside Gooner' Chris Toronyi is a longtime Arsenal supporter and the host of The Arsenal America podcast, available every Thursday evening at You can read more of Chris' thoughts on Twitter

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24 Jan 2012