By Chris Toronyi

Sipping my Monday morning coffee at Cafe Etc. in Hollywood and I still feeling the effects of the NLD. Smiling like an idiot. Did that scoreline happen again? It was a bit magical, surreal. 

It was a very early morning kick-off out here in LA that had me deciding on a trip to the pub in Studio City or watching from my home. The older, more mature me decided to take in the match at home. I was nervous... So maybe less maturity and a lot of emotion. And superstition. Don't ask...

The game's play and analysis has been written about by far better writers than me, but from a father and coach's perspective three goals for me were lessons on how to play the game the right way. The Arsenal Way. Not taking away from the other two, just the skill, teamwork and recognition showed me something -- and hopefully my son as well -- the way you should play.

Per's goal didn't just show teamwork, both from Theo's hard-work on the wing and Per's want to drill the ball into the net. It showed me a player who knew the importance of the game in Per, but he also showed the one element of sport that I love more than anything. Recognizing a teammate for their work, that allowed them to score. Per knew this. And gave Theo the hug he deserved.

Next up was Giroud's goal. It wasn't the fact that he continues to deliver when everyone persists on doubting the value he brings every game, it was the fight from Santi that made this happen. It was great finish by Giroud, and even better play for Santi to stay on his feet to deliver the perfect cross. He didn't spill himself on the 18, he fought, showed desire and rewarded the team with. A splendid assist. 

Lastly, the Santi goal was lovely from the beginning on our 6-yard box to the back of the net. The hold-up play by Giroud will go unnoticed, but for me that was what I loved about the play so much. He knew what he had to, trapping it with little effort to start the sprint to the Spus ( spelling) box. The cross was great, the finish was too, but the play by Giroud showed why it's not only the goal scorer and assist man who make the play, it's also the guy to gets the build-up started. Lovely stuff from our Arsenal. 

All in all, I drank a lot of coffee on Saturday, rewarded with a fantastic result and elements of the Arsenal Way. Let's hope this begins a run like last year.

Thanks for reading. 

And please note that I'm not sure if the podcast will happen this week because of the Holiday and the travels around it. So, to my American readers have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


Arsenal America - Chris Toronyi

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20 Nov 2012