By Chris Toronyi

In life we have such high expectations. We want it all, but sadly that's never the case. We plan our best, we try our best, but sometimes that's good enough. You know, we find a way to make it work, maybe not how we planned.

I'm starting to think Arsenal seasons are slowly becoming a general map of life: A life of high expectations, many successes and triumphs -- and of course disappointments. But isn't that what makes sport so great? Life so great? Experiencing emotions both up and down proves we're human. We're alive. We make mistakes, but most of all we rebound and continue a course. 

Sometimes the course isn't as we had planned given what life -- the season -- has offered. But I gotta tell ya, for me it's the response. Keep the chin up. It allows one to not only look forward, but it gives you a chance to look around and evaluate what is the best path. Like life, the season evolves, new elements are introduced, along with new barriers, but also new skills are developed to deliver. 

I know we all want the best for the Club, we all have different opinions of how to move it forward. It's during the "how we move forward" phase that we must keep our chin up. Be positive. Be supportive of the Club when they take the pitch. Positivity offers one way to look and see everything in a more clear way. Yes emotion is involved, but isn't emotion involved in life? In sport? 

Look, it's easy to drop your head when things are down. Easy to criticize. Easy to be negative. But you'll miss the fun. The adventure. Isn't that what makes life and the season what it is?

An adventure. An adventure of unknowns. 

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Arsenal America - Chris Toronyi

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13 Nov 2012