By Chris Toronyi

I love watching a team play. A true team. An Arsenal team. From the defensive half to the artistry in the midfield to the attack up front, Saturday was a clinic on how The Arsenal can deliver when everyone works together as one unit, understanding their roles without question. 

We again exhibited our flexibility. The line-up showed depth, provided a Plan B that allowed us to attack with speed with Gervinho as the focal point of the attack. Seeing him up top reminded me of when we played Diaby up top against Fenerbahce a couple years ago in the CL. Obviously different skill sets, but same reaction of "would never have thought of that." There's a reason I'm typing this instead of evaluating Global talent and filling-out the line-up sheet. 

Our defensive positioning and calm play provided the foundation for our midfield to move the ball without much of a fuss, allowing our creativity to run rampant from box-to-box and especially in their 18. Cazorla was once again the wizard in the midfield that allowed our play to flow with confidence and purpose. 

In addition to the magical midfield play from Santi, our other Summer signing Poldi, provided a highlight-reel free kick that we haven't seen in years. Feels like decades if you ask me. A beautifully arched dead ball from 25-yards. 

And lastly, the quiet play from Arteta was once again on display. Dictating play, allowing the team to function as a true team. Cazorla might well be our wizard, TV the rock at the back, but I gotta say Arteta provides that captain's mentality that steers the ship, organizes our team shape. He's always looking at the big picture, ensuring we are moving as one finely tuned unit. A team.

I love team play. Especially team play from a true team.


Stateside Gooner - Chris Toronyi

'Stateside Gooner' Chris Toronyi is a longtime Arsenal supporter and the host of The Arsenal America podcast, available every week at and on iTunes at "Arsenal America Podcast." You can read more of Chris' thoughts on Twitter

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17 Sep 2012