By Chris Toronyi

Sport continues to amaze. It delivers the best drama and truth each week.

Saturday morning at around 9am Los Angeles time the world wide internet exploded. Arsenal (faux) supporter sites were calling for Wenger's head, player decapitations and the burning down of the Emirates. And I'm pretty sure a respected site even went through the exercise of asking for supporters' thoughts on who the manager should be for next season!

Really? Are you crazy? We're that type of club? We're The Arsenal. We have class, respect for those that have given us the most successful run in Club history. History. Our history.

Look, we're not mid-table with a Carling Cup in hand. We're a club on the brink of securing third place and guaranteed Champions League football. The finish will give the current squad confidence and our bank account a windfall that will no doubt inject new, much-needed talent into the squad.

But seriously, we're finishing third and all people want is scorched earth? This is a club that actually thinks before it acts. We are pragmatic and we rationalize knowing the realities of the consequence. My club will be fighting for the title and playing in the best club competition in the world and you want a new manager? Come on.

So, let's fast-forward to Sunday morning, say around 10am Los Angeles time. A time, a day that changed everything. We had an extra step, a brighter smile and were singing the praises of Matt Law's Villa and those powder blues of Manchester. Sometimes it's best to wait before spilling all of those irrational emotions. Maybe it's a form of therapy, but the vile ignorance and lack of respect was really disappointing. We're bigger than that. I thought. In all honesty, let's leave the criticism and hate to our opponents.

Now did the performance warrant criticism? Yeah, I'll go there, but calling for heads doesn't do anyone any good. And asking for Wenger to name names? Well, that's what websites and the media do. They rate performance for us, so our manager doesn't need to sell out and call people out in the public. He has the dressing room and training grounds to rip them. I personally don't need to hear the exact words or tone. Just show up next Sunday and close the season. I mean close it. That's all we can ask from the Club and players. Close with respect. And we should close with respect as well.

Up the Arsenal.

And I must mention the passing of MCA of the Beastie Boys. He was dynamic, pioneering and one who had a true sense of community. If he was a club, he'd be Arsenal. He'll be greatly missed.

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8 May 2012