By Chris Toronyi

I believe some of us are becoming Zombies* when it comes to Arsenal results. (*I was trying to come up with a clever name, but I failed to deliver) We dip into this weird alter-ego, an insecure trance where we feel the need to ridicule our manager for his decisions and what he says post-game... and then have the need to tell people they need to grow-up and have an opinion too.

Why? If someone has a definitive, and possibly knee-jerk opinion about the manager that makes him or her a better supporter of the Club? I find that attitude a bit tiring, condescending and most of all just rude. I sit in front of computer most of the day, I don't play FIFA 13 and I don't wear my Arsenal scarf to work or around town. I'm Arsenal 100 percent -- but not 100 percent of the time.

What I'm saying is everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion about anything about the Club. I just kindly ask that you don't tell me and everyone else who supports Arsenal that they need to have an opinion or criticism about everything that goes on -- every moment, every word, every gesture.

Now I'm being the preachy one, but I like to think I don't have an agenda or feel the need to insult other's thinking. We're all different and we all think differently. But we all want Arsenal to win.

At least I think that's what 95 percent of us want to happen. I feel sorry for the 5 percent.

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Arsenal America - Chris Toronyi

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28 Nov 2012