By Chris Toronyi

It's really hard for me to write about the present when all I can do is think about the future. I'm just a few days away from my departure to London for the Man City match. The weeks seem to be getting longer. The need to consume the Arsenal is at a fever pitch, as is my confidence and belief. 

It's all a bit crazy if you ask me. I mean think about where we were two months ago?!

But we must speak a little about this past weekend's result. It wasn't a masterclass performance by any stretch of the imagination, but the team did deserve a game like the one we delivered. Villa's lack of desire and drive were evident from the start, and we knew what we had to do to remove any doubt. 

Matt Law of the Express pretty much summed up Villa on The Arsenal America Podcast by saying it would be a walk in the park. Well, maybe I added "park" but he knew we'd walk all over them. 

The game included some brilliant displays from Kieran Gibbs and another amazing chip, pass (someone needs to come up with a new phrase) from Song. Seriously. How? What? Amazing. Then Mr. Handsome delivered a well deserved blinder from 20+ yards. It was a thing of beauty. Just like his hair. Did it even move during the match? 

As I said, it was uneventful, but a game we definitely deserved. And there really wasn't any doubt from the start. 

In all honesty it is what is was: a game that we dominated without much fight from the opposition. Which if you think about it, it speaks to the squad's preparation and focus. The drive and fight, and specifically the maturity that we have seen grow with the team. It's all pretty impressive if you ask me. 

I'm keeping this short, as I have packing to do and thinking to do before I depart for London. I'm very distracted to say the least. I mean, how often does one get to see The Arsenal? It truly is special. I envy the supporters that have the opportunity to do it on a weekly basis, but once every couple years will have to do for me. I might be back sooner rather than later though.

And of course before I leave on Friday I must record The Arsenal America Podcast. This week we'll discuss the Villa game and look ahead to the QPR game with Jim van Wijk of the Press Association and Tim Payton of the Arsenal Supporters' Trust. Please take a listen if you don't already do. It's always a good - and hopefully insightful - time. 

Keep the faith.


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29 Mar 2012