By Chris Toronyi

We learn from mistakes. Or some might say missed opportunities or even lack of foresight. But whatever the reason, the challenge is to correct a miscalculation and use it to one's advantage to formulate a right.

There's no reason to rehash all the details around last summer's transfer activities. But I will add that it takes numerous variables to move a player -- most importantly the player himself. So, yes we lost major talent, but one shouldn't forget the final decision was with the player. I think we're better for it.

So, with all that said, I think we can say without question that we have recognized what happened last summer and developed a plan that will deliver the talent that we are used to seeing on the Emirates pitch.

We all knew Lukas Podolski was in the cards well before the end of the season. And as many have noted, his quality will fit in well at the Club, as well as his vast experience at dealing with the pressures at both the club and the National levels.

One other note about Podolski is his size, which I'll mention again later. His rock-solid build looks ideal for the EPL and with that, will enable us to deal with the physical play from box to box. I'm truly excited about what he can bring: Great skill and a hardened mind. You can't ask for more.

And how about Tuesday's news? Our boss made mention of Montpellier's France international striker Olivier Giroud during one of the EURO 2012 broadcasts by stating that it was 90 percent complete. It was surprising that the manager would be so transparent about our activity, but I think this type of statement can be rooted in the summer we'd like to forget. He recognized the uproar around how things turned out and was looking to change perception. I'm glad he's on our side.

Giroud is a fantastic signing on paper. The guy is huge, physical and loves to display that on the pitch. But as with most of our signings he is good on the ball as well, possesses great vision and football smarts. He a classic Arsenal signing based on the skills he brings -- sans the heading which will be a welcome attacking option.

Both of these signings, for me at least, show a slight change in philosophy. Both are physical, both are tall and yes, both are experienced in age. It allows us to show another dynamic in games that we need to play a little physical and most importantly weather the mental storm that is the Premier League.

I love the start to our summer, it shows that the Club have embraced the miscalculations from last season and are back to recruiting talent on our terms. Thank you Mr. Gazidis, Mr. Law and Mr. Wenger. Let's keep the momentum and moving forward.


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27 Jun 2012