By Chris Toronyi

Saturday mornings are reserved for sleeping, that's unless you're a Gooner living on the West Coast of the United States. Setting the alarm for 4:30am the night before brings a rush of nerves and of course dread. The hope is that The Arsenal will deliver on the time we lost sleeping in. It's a bit of a gamble these days.

But seriously, it seems like we're all tired and a bit cranky. It's been a long season that has given us some really low lows, and some of the most amazing highs I could remember. Maybe one feeds off the other, but that's the life of a football fan. Every game is a ‘heart attack'. Or at least it is for me. As I've said on the Podcast it's the best reality TV in the history of television.

This Saturday delivered one of those games that captures the team's current run of late. We looked a little tired and out of sorts with the loss of Arteta. I feel like a broken record; it seems I may have brought this up last week.

The game itself wasn't anything special, a game where we had two teams that didn't seem to want it: Chelsea looking at Barca and The Arsenal below their best. Who could blame either team for their display? They are mentally and physically checked.

Now, some will say we dropped points, but I say we stayed the course and picked up a point. Yes, it's an uneventful point, but a point nonetheless that will further our chance at finishing third in the table. Look, we didn't play our best and we got a point. Things could have been much worse. Much, much worse. But the football Gods are looking down on us.

It's another long week until the next game, a week to reflect again on this amazingly turbulent season. Maybe just sit back, take a deep breath and look at the positives. Stop looking at things to criticize and instead compliment, appreciate what this "team" has accomplished.

You know it's easy and somewhat lazy to point out a bad pass or shot, so again, do some real thinking and give a shout out to the positive play we have delivered this year. Every pass won't be picture perfect and every shot won't go in. Simples.

They're a team when they hit the pitch. We win and lose as a team. We win and lose as supporters. So, stop hating and start respecting and enjoy the show. They hear the boos, the gasps, and no doubt feel the pressures of the season and fans. Be positive. And yes, I realize this will be difficult for some.

So, I hope I didn't come across cranky. I did sleep in on Sunday.

And don't forget to check out The Arsenal America Podcast this Thursday. Yes, Thursday. Back to Thursday. Thanks as always for reading and listening. Cheers.


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24 Apr 2012