By Chris Toronyi

Seriously, how did it happen? How did they do it? I was lost for words yesterday... albeit a couple curse words that I wish my son didn't have to hear. But that summed it up. The inability to find the words to describe what is happening at the Arsenal.

Wenger has spoken about mental strength, the passion to win, but I don't think it could be more clearly defined than by our most recent run of play. It's a historic run, a run that has seen three goals scored in injury time: Henry vs. Sunderland, RVP against 'Pool and an amazing display of drive and want by TV5 that delivered the incredibly emotional goal against Newcastle.

Wenger has talked week after week about the team's focus, want and passion. RVP too has spoken about the want to deliver for the supporters. They are a well-oiled, focused machine that is delivering drama that has never been seen in the EPL. Never!

Normally the Arsenal stress me out just playing, but these past two weeks have again shown me why sport is the best drama on TV - it makes ‘Mad Men' second fiddle. It's hard to create these storylines, hard to imagine them. I know I could not even come close to concocting them. But seriously, Wenger is the greatest show-runner going now. I dare you to find someone doing a better job, even in Hollywood.

I was trying to explain my feelings to Mark Gonnella, Communications Director for Arsenal, last week. This is a different feeling, something magical. Something that we may well remember for the rest of our lives. This is very special and I don't want it to end.

I mean, here in America I've followed some amazing sports stories. My 1986 Mets winning the World Series when it looked impossible, the NY Giants beating the Patriots in two Super Bowls. They all contained wildly insane endings that showed character, strength and focus. But this story still has some additional pages. No doubt more drama. More incredible play from our Arsenal.

So, hopefully our show runner Arsène "Matthew Weiner" Wenger and Robin "Jon Hamm" van Persie will have it in them to deliver more incredible performances before season's end. And for those that care, the new season of ‘Mad Men' begins March 25!

And be sure to check-out this week's podcast with John Cross of the Mirror. It should be great as always. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.


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13 Mar 2012