By Chris Toronyi

What a way to end our holiday in Toronto and what a way to end 2013 for the Arsenal! It was a goal fest on both sides through the first 80+ minutes, then the goal posts became as large as Lake Ontario in the final 10 minutes for the Arsenal.

The game gave some amazing finishes of our end - Theo's hat trick was deserved, especially the final goal of the night which showed his focus and want to get it. The first was a classic Theo finish from an angle that required him to slot it far post. Where have we seen that before? And the second ... while it wasn't as beautiful as the others, it was the game winner.

Ox and Poldi delivered goals as well: one from distance and the other glided in to head it in. Both came at critical times, showed we wanted to win the game, and wouldn't waver despite the defensive mishaps. Well done to both as their assists and other efforts on the pitch were just as noteworthy. 

And then there's Giroud. Can we finally put to rest the opinion that he hasn't delivered? It's getting irritating and pedestrian. I hope the good folks that slighted him in his first couple of games of his EPL career show some intelligence and come out of their knee-jerk holes. I don't understand the need to criticize and only use a couple of games to determine if someone can deliver in the EPL.

Now, the game was without some mismarking. Maybe it was a lack of confidence or a lack of focus. Whatever it was, it wasn't fun to see again. It's easy to blame an individual player for a couple of the goals, but you've gotta put pressure on the ball so that it can't be fed through. I see it as a team fail versus a single player. We are a team, right?

Regardless, it was an amazing way to end the year. No doubt one of the most memorable games.

Some people will focus on the latter, the defensive failings, but those are the same people that probably complained at Christmas after receiving numerous gifts. It's not always how many gifts you receive, nor what gifts, it's the thought. Or in this case, the result that matters most.

Happy Holidays. 

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Arsenal America - Chris Toronyi

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31 Dec 2012