By Chris Toronyi

What a weekend of football for my English and American teams.

The Arsenal returned to normal service by delivering a solid result on Saturday morning, Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M (my alma mater) won the Heisman Trophy -- which goes to the nation's best college football player -- and the New York Giants defeated the New Orleans Saints.

The latter two were icing on the cake - Johnny Manziel's Heisman win was the first by a freshman. He's a true specialist at the quarterback position who completely dominated the season by passing and running past all defenses in his path. The New York Giants finally figured out how to stop the Saints by delivering a strong performance on both sides of the field. Kick-return specialist David Wilson set-up scores for the Giants and ran for two touchdowns too boot. Another true specialist that changed the game.

I'll come back to this in a minute.

But first, back to proper football. For most Arsenal supporters on the West Coast, our moods are defined by 9am Saturday morning. And as I've written before, it's not easy to go through the day with a loss, or points dropped.

The game against West Brom provided a couple of big highlights. One requires more discussion than others, but overall it was a deserved three points. We created many chances that resulted in many missed opportunities. It feels a bit like test anxiety, as these are professionals that seem to have difficulty with the final ball in-game. But the important takeaway -- that we created opportunities -- showed that we were pressing intelligently, not overplaying the push forward by allowing the counter.

I have no complaints about the strategy, but as many have written, I wonder if in the long run this will hamper our scoring from play. It's a bit unlike the modern Arsenal, but if it delivers results, how can one complain?

Coming from the spot, the goals themselves were uneventful, but I think the one thing to note that Arteta is our penalty-specialist. Without question. His demeanor, patience and maturity combine for the exact formula that you want in a penalty taker. Both were coolly taken, finished right down the middle. It was not only gutsy, but it showed confidence.

A true specialist.

Just as David Wilson of Giants is the kick-off specialist who can change a game on one return, Arteta is our penalty specialist at the spot who changes games for The Arsenal. And he did that on Saturday.

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Stateside Gooner - Chris Toronyi

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11 Dec 2012