By Chris Toronyi

I was walking to coffee (yes, I walk for coffee a lot) after Saturday's game trying to convey the emotion that I had - that we all had - to Lynne. She nodded her head as I talked about us coming back and winning the game in stoppage-time with goal from our King.

From Lynne's perspective, it was just another Arsenal game that took place too early in the morning. For me, for you, for us, it was so much more. It gave us everything we could have asked for. It allowed all of us to release that energy, passion that had been building over the past couple weeks. Yes, we won 7-1 last week, but this environment, this game released that hidden tension.

We came back from 1-0 down on the road. We kept our focus and drive until the bitter end. And two players who had received stick from fans recently were the keys to our victory. Ramsey with the superb strike from outside the box and AA23 with a gorgeous cross between two defenders to the King, who nicked it.

I can't remember the last time I felt so incredibly moved by our team's performance. Even at 1-0 down, I kept positive and kept the faith. There was something different on Saturday. An element of confidence mixed with some health in key positions (sans Per's freakish injury).

Yes, it was Sunderland, but it was so much more. It was an evolving Arsenal. So, let's ride that mental strength, focus and want into Milan.    


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14 Feb 2012