By Chris Toronyi

A lot of us go through a world of emotions regarding all things Arsenal these days. But admit it; there is nothing you look forward to more than the next game. You put on the kit with pride, you raise your beer – or your coffee – wherever you may be. Or, like me on Saturday, you're lying in bed following the game on your phone at 4.45am.

You see, I have certain rituals when watching Arsenal. One of them is that watching a game live is very bad for me, and more importantly for Arsenal. Some games I do watch live, but most games I don't. Not because of the time difference, but because I want this team to win so badly that it hurts. Like 90 minutes of hurt. I follow it on my phone to lessen the anxiety, and watch it later on Arsenal Player or FSC replay.

Trust me, it's for the best.

This Saturday morning was no different. But … it was. It gave all of us a glimpse of the amazing past, the incredible present and a future that could leave us searching for the right word for ages. We saw three ‘generations’ of Arsenal players that will probably go down in history, at least we hope that's how the future – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – ends his career.

It was a welcome display for the players and no doubt our amazing manager. Moving forward we were magnificent. RVP, OX and Theo were driving, passing and playing as a team. I loved what Arteta and Sagna brought to the game. And Song was Song.

It was a great display. There truly is no better feeling when the well-oiled machine of Arsenal is cranking away. Confidence is beautiful to watch.

The final scoreline was right, but I don't think that it was one that any of us supporters could have predicted. It was an incredible display that showed everyone that Arsenal can still play. Did we have some silly moments? Of course we did, but in the end we played like Arsenal. And we celebrated like Arsenal.

I put my phone back down, went back to bed for an hour, then started my Saturday with walk for coffee. All smiles.


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8 Feb 2012