By Chris Toronyi

Why can't we just enjoy a win? We complain when we lose - rational of course. And we complain when we win. Wait! What? An Arsenal fan complaining about a win!?!

Yup. Some supporters have the glass-is-half-empty vision when we take full points in a CL game. On the road. Against a team that was amped and ready for the challenge. Playing the team that purchased their best player.

Why can't we just appreciate what the team delivered? It was an effort that may not have been easy to watch in the second half, but an effort that gave us full points nonetheless. Did we become a bit complacent? Maybe, but I think that's a natural state given our successive start. We're not perfect.

The complaining reminds me of the weekend golfer who has issue when he or she doesn't hit the perfect shot. The weekend golfer won't always hit the perfect shot, nor will Arsenal put on a Southampton display every game. For some reason people expect us to deliver 100 percent passing accuracy and three-goals a game. Obviously that's not gonna happen. In the end, the weekend golfer will shoot what he or she should given their talent level and in the end Arsenal will be who they are. What that is exactly... I have no clue. BUT I love the direction, passion and want of this team.

Look, I'm not gonna lie and say we played well for 90 minutes, but let's look at the big picture. Top of the group, our undefeated run continues and our talented new signees deliver again. The team is growing and delivering.

Again, full points on the road. Looking forward to Citeh. On the road.

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Arsenal America - Chris Toronyi

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21 Sep 2012