By Chris Toronyi

6.13 kilometers. 3.8 miles. That's what separates Arsenal and Tottenham - that and numerous trophies. But let's focus on the game itself. 

Many sports have rivalries, but most here in the US are more coast vs coast or city vs city. Yankees vs Boston in baseball, Giants vs Cowboys in the NFL, Celtics vs Lakers in basketball and hockey has the hated state rivalry between the Penguins and Flyers. Plus, U.S based teams. vs Canada's iconic teams in Montreal and Toronto. There are many others, but you get the picture.

But the North London derby is a battle between two teams in the same city. The same part of the city. It's quite amazing when you compare that to really any sport in the world. Ironically the two fan bases here in LA are separated by the Hollywood Hills. We watch our games in Studio City while the other lot watches games in Hollywood. Can't make this up.

Seriously, you have fans from both sides, all over the world waking up at odd hours, or walking to the bar to watch the match. Fans in Los Angeles will be at the pub at 4:30am to watch a regular season game between two city rivals. Would we wake to see the Dodgers play the SF Giants or Angels at 4:30am? Probably not. Ok, we wouldn't. It just doesn't have the same meaning or importance. It's missing the key ingredients: Pride and Passion. Real passion. 

Whether you're 3.8 miles away, over a hill or a couple thousand miles away, it's important. And it always will be.

And London will always be RED...    

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Stateside Gooner - Chris Toronyi

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16 Nov 2012