San Francisco's own North London Derby

On Sunday, February 28, 2010, the First Annual San Francisco North London Derby took place at Crocker Amazon Playground in San Francisco, California. 

Members of the Bay Area Gooners - the San Francisco Branch of Arsenal America, the Official North American Supporters Club - defeated members of the San Francisco Spurs, a Tottenham FC supporters club, 4-3 in an epic football match.

The match, which raised almost $2,000 for Save the Children’s relief efforts in Haiti, was refereed by Alan Black, author of “Kick the Balls” and “The Glorious World Cup.”

The final score does not accurately reflect how the Gooners dominated the Spurs side for most of the match, beguiling them with speed, agility, and precise passing.  The Gooners’ goals were scored by Austin Ripmaster, Samer Elkadi, Luda Hoe, and Danny Marsh.

Pictured are the Bay Area Gooners with Mick Graham, owner of Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub where the group meets to watch the Arsenal matches.

Photos were submitted by Mark Barbeau, manager of Arsenal America’s San Francisco branch, the Bay Area Gooners. is not responsible for the content of external sites.

23 Mar 2010