What is  the largest city by area in the continental United States ? Think you know the answer? New York City? Nope. Far from it. How about Los Angeles? Closer, but you are still way off. Covering nearly 875 square miles, the winner is Jacksonville, Florida.

So how did Arsenal fans track each other down in a city this large?

Adam Guillette, co-founder of the Jacksonville Gooners, says a sense of duty made it happen.

"Arsenal play the most attractive football in the world, and we have an obligation to share this beauty with as many people as possible."

Meet the fans: Jacksonville Gooners

Group name: Jacksonville Gooners
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Home Pub: Culhane's Irish Pub
967 Atlantic Blvd  Atlantic Beach
Facebook: Jacksonville Gooners 
Twitter: @JaxGooners 

Arsenal in Jacksonville 

"Jacksonville has always had a big soccer community, but the Premier League is definitely gaining in popularity here. Most of the community follows the Premier League more closely than any other league. Unfortunately, there are some who have not seen the light and support other clubs, but we all know there is only one club worth supporting.

"For a long time we were the only supporters club in town. Liverpool and Chelsea had a decent following, but it was only recently that Chelsea fans began to imitate us and started their own group.

"Last season at our old pub, up to 20-25 people would show up by 10:00 a.m. After we moved to our new location in Atlantic Beach, our numbers grew and more than 30 of us attended the season opener.

"We turn out for every weekend match - even the early ones! We're also there for the midweek matches, but we tend to have a much smaller contingent."

The group's beginnings

"I was 10 years old when my dad brought home two soccer balls he had procured from a coworker. One was an Arsenal ball and the other was Sp*rs. The Arsenal ball had cannons on it and the Sp*rs ball had a freaking bird, so the choice was easy!

"Fast forward to 2010, and I emailed Arsenal America about tickets to the home finale against Aston Villa. I mentioned I'd also like to start a branch. They put me in touch with Ron Murthy, who had recently moved to Jacksonville from LA, where he had been a member of the LA Gooners. Together we've recruited plenty of other local Arsenal supporters."

Top moments

"Perhaps our most memorable moment as a group came during the match against Norwich toward the end of the 2012/13 season. We were down 1-0, in the 80th minute and it looked like we just might lose. The Chelsea fans in the pub started chanting "NORWICH!" But after Arteta put away a penalty in the 85th minute, Giroud score put us ahead three minutes later and Podolski added another in stoppage time. We had a lot of fun turning the Norwich chant back at the Chelsea fans!

"Another of our greatest moments was the come-from-behind victory over Chelsea in 2011. Even though it was an early morning kickoff and there were only a handful of us, I'm not sure I've ever heard the pub get so loud!"

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