Arsenal South Italy were founded in July 2007; and officially recognised from November 2008 it represents the biggest supporters club of a foreign team in Italy.

At present, it consists of around 150 members spread through the whole country.

For everyone we're The Italian Gooners.

There are established branches in the bigger Italian cities and regions:
Gunners Bergamo, Toscan Arsenal, Arsenal Bassa Lodigiana, Arsenal Rome, Gunners Brianza, Perzen Gooners, Campania Gooners and Venetian Gooners.

The club organises group visits for home and away games.

We plan our official meeting at the end of every end of summer (usually during the first international break in September), we always gather for the Arsenal matches in pubs all over the Country and organise a 5 a side tournament “The Italian Gooners Cup” usually around 2 of April (World Autism Awareness Day) because we’re involved with various Autism Charity Programmes.

Just in case you have a trip in our country, feel free to contact us and we'll happily meet you and point you where to follow Arsenal on tv.

Our main contacts are:

Chairman, Massimo Salerno :
Secretary, Giacomo Perani :
Treasurer, Andrea Pontiggia :
Matteo Scarpellini : 


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30 Jul 2013