West Lake boat trip - Picture special

On Friday the team got out and about in China.

The squad took a Dragon Boat trip on the West Lake in Hangzhou - one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. In fact it is so famous it appears on the back of the one yuan note.

The waterway is 6.8 square kilometres of placid water, dotted with small islands and famous pagodas.

However the highlight of the event was a performance of Bian Lian dancing. This is based on traditional Chinese opera where changes of mask represent different moods. Bian Liam means "face changing" in Chinese.

After the boat trip, the team stopped off at the Qian King Temple and then boarded the bus back tho their hotel.

Our Club photographer is following the squad every step of the way and sent back these pictures from another enjoyable event.

15 Jul 2011