By Chris Harris

Arsène Wenger believes that three-match bans for "obvious dives" would help eradicate simulation from the sport.

The issue has been in the spotlight in recent weeks following a number of high-profile incidents in Premier League matches and the Arsenal manager believes there is only one way to solve the problem.

"We should have a superior committee of ethics that could still punish a player [after a match] and if this committee could punish an obvious dive with a three-match ban, the players would not do it anymore.

"I would support that for obvious diving. A guy who trips himself with his other leg, no.

"Everybody wants to win football games and when you have played football, you always try to be on the fringe if you want to win. For example, you touch the ball and it goes out you shout ‘throw in for us’, things like that. But a dive in the box? I think sometimes you can only get it out after the game.

Former Man United and England defender Gary Neville commented recently that 'values' in English football have changed because going to ground to show you have been tripped is now common practice. Wenger agrees.

"I think that the foreign players have brought good and bad things," he said. "In England you respected that you got well kicked but on the other side players did not go down for nothing.

“The second thing I admired here in England is that players never surrounded the referees to demand a yellow card for somebody else, they let the referee make a decision. But that has gone as well. Not everywhere but there is a trend now to surround the referee and [demand] a yellow card and that never happened when I arrived.

“Yes [that has come from foreign players]," added Wenger. "But I must say the English players learn quickly."

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16 Apr 2012