By Chris Harris

Arsène Wenger believes it's time to review the time-wasting laws in football.

In recent years the goal-kick rules have been relaxed, allowing goalkeepers to restart play from anywhere along their six-yard line and not just the side where the ball went out of play.

The intention was to save valuable seconds during a game but, in effect, it has allowed goalkeepers to waste time when it suits their team's needs.

Wenger believes Arsenal are no less guilty than any other side in this respect and he would like the current rule revised.

"It [time wasting] is basically most of the time from goalkeepers and we have to see how that can be stopped," he told the Official Matchday Programme.

"I do not say we are more innocent than any other team - it is human that a goalkeeper tries to gain time when his team is leading away from home, especially in stadiums where they are not supposed to win.

"The rule has been created to speed the game up. At the start when the ball went out, you always used to have to take the goal kick from the side it went out, so to gain time it was said that anywhere on the line can be used.

“Maybe there is a way of thinking [to change that]. We have to think about it."

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24 Mar 2012