By Richard Clarke

Arsène Wenger has branded Uefa’s charge against Eduardo as “a complete disgrace and unacceptable”.

The Arsenal striker has been hit with disciplinary action for “intent to cause a match official to make an incorrect decision” over a penalty incident in the first half of the Champions League Play-Off with Celtic on Wednesday night.

The charge was announced on Friday just before Wenger met the media ahead of the game against Manchester United. It is safe to say Wenger felt his player and his Club had been dealt with harshly.

“I find it a complete disgrace and unacceptable,” he said.

“We won't accept the way we have been treated in this case for two reasons. One, I believe that you can debate whether it was a penalty or not. This charge implies there was intent and a desire to cheat the referee. Having watched the pictures again there was nothing conclusive.  Two, it singles out a player in Europe to be a cheat and that is not acceptable.

“I believe that, first of all, there are two cases in this case and that Uefa has taken action that is not defendable.”

The manager went on to say that Europe’s governing body may have created problems for themselves by bringing the action.

“I've fought my whole life against cheating and I've seen some obvious cases where Uefa didn't intervene,” he said.

“On and off the pitch things have happened where no action was taken. This is the first time since I've been in football that the judgement has been made by the referee is not accepted by the football bodies.

“Usually a situation that has been assessed and judged by the referee can't be touched again. Now every single decision made by a referee can be challenged. So for me they've opened a very dangerous door here.”

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28 Aug 2009