Arsène Wenger has signed a new contract with Arsenal.

The Frenchman has committed himself to the Club until the summer of 2014 just one day before he begins the Premier League season with a trip to Anfield to face Liverpool.

Wenger has already spoken to Arsenal TV Online about his new deal.

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Arsène, you’ve signed a new contract with Arsenal Football Club, you must be very pleased?
"I am very pleased because Arsenal is the Club I love and it is where I want to achieve great things and continue to develop the Club and the team."

It’s a massive boost for the Club at the start of the season, getting it done. The players know where they are, there is no talk in the press. It must be a massive boost all round.
"I feel it’s always important you show your commitment first and when you go into the final year of a contract, it is not manageable if you don’t extend your contract, so that is why I believe it is an important decision at the start of the season, to give stability and to think ahead for the future of the Club as well."

You have been here for 14 years and have achieved so much. You have helped the Club through the major upheaval of moving to Emirates Stadium, but you clearly feel there is more for you to do?
"I feel that we have not won for a few years now and it is important to get back to winning trophies because we have gone for a certain policy. We maintained the Club at the top level, but we want to get to the next step, to win trophies and to win the title and the Champions League of course.

“I believe there are decisive years in front of us, but as well, very exciting years in front of us because the team has matured a lot, there is a lot of potential and that is what I want to show, that we have made the right decisions and that we can win."

You say our decisive years are in front of us. Are our greatest successes still in front of us?
"I believe so, but we live in an environment which is more and more competitive, which is more and more investment ready and so that means the difficulties are higher as well. But I am convinced as well that we can be rewarded in the coming years and we are prepared for that, we worked very hard for that and my staff and everybody at the Club is convinced we can get it."

There is a need to win a trophy, but how does the position you are in now compare with the position you have been in during the rest of your career at Arsenal?
"I feel my personal position is that I am as motivated as ever, if not more. I have the trust from my board and hopefully of the fans as well and also from the players. I feel the energy, the need to drive this team forward and to win.

“I feel maybe an even higher responsibility than when I arrived because when you arrive somewhere you feel that if you are not good enough, you go. Now I know that the Club is in the top eight in Europe, and that expectation is very high, that every year you want to be in the Champions League. You feel the pressure even more, but it makes it as well more exciting and I take the challenge for the future in a very exciting way.

“I know I can give my best years now to this Club, which has given me so much. I’m ready to give it my all and I can only show that by my commitment.”

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14 Aug 2010