Arsenal's players will be taking part in another 'Twitter Takeover' on Thursday.

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Aaron Ramsey, Laurent Koscielny, Yossi Benayoun, Francis Coquelin, Carl Jenkinson and Andre Santos took part in our last Twitter Takeover and this is your chance to re-live the event.

Watch our video footage and read the full transcript below:


Welcome to our Twitter Takeover! First up is Aaron Ramsey. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@kellyteigan - @Arsenal Would you rather have a hover board or win the Premier League? #ArsenalLive

Aaron says: "I don't know what a hover board is so I'll go with the league!" #ArsenalLive

@alspicker - Rambo, which teammate are you closest with on the squad?? #ArsenalLive

Aaron says: "I'm close with Kieran Gibbs, I see him outside the training ground. Theo as well." #ArsenalLive @Arsenal

@Pablo_Jenkins - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Aaron. Gavin & Stacey or Smithy & Nessa?

Aaron says: "I watched all of the Gavin & Stacey series. All of them were hilarious. I can't choose!" #ArsenalLive

@JanelleMarshxx - @Arsenal what do you think of carl jenkinson's hair haha #ArsenalLive

Aaron says: "There's not a lot I can say to be honest! Everything has been said from Robin and Chambo!" #ArsenalLive
@OoToBeAGooner - @Arsenal what are your tattoos of and what do they mean to you? #ArsenalLive

Aaron says: "There's a castle from where I am from in Wales, some religious tattoos as well. A passage from the bible, too." #ArsenalLive

@khaliqaha - @Arsenal If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be? #ArsenalLive

Aaron says: "It might be David Beckham - he seems to have a fantastic life and has achieved so much, not just in football." #ArsenalLive

@Tilley_96 - @Arsenal Your nickname is Rambo, but what film character are you most like? Boom #ArsenalLive

Aaron says: "I am not sure really. The reason Rambo came up was because we got into a scrap once in a game and it stuck!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that’s Aaron finished, next up we have Laurent Koscielny. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@Smarties_96 - @Arsenal What's your favourite thing about London? :) #ArsenalLive

Laurent says: "It is to go to a restaurant with my wife. It is a French restaurant. It is very good." #ArsenalLive

@goonergirl86 - @Arsenal Do you speak a little bit of Polish? #ArsenalLive

Laurent says: "I have to say no, because I can just say 'good morning' to Lukasz and Wojciech. I am French so it is tough!" #ArsenalLive

@_nomeolvides - @Arsenal chocolate cake or apple pie? #ArsenalLive

Laurent says: "I love chocolate, so it has to be chocolate cake. But French chocolate cake!" #ArsenalLive

@mikeyman764 - Would you rather win the Premier League, Champions League or World Cup? #ArsenalLive

Laurent says: "If possible I want to win them all but I would say the Premier League because it has been a long time for us." #ArsenalLive

@SianyMacalarny - @Arsenal Are you as good a dancer as Song would lead us to believe? #ArsenalLive

Laurent says: "No. Alex Song has this in his body, I just look at Alex instead!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that’s Laurent finished, next up we have Yossi Benayoun. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@mikelmaina - @Arsenal Hi Yossi..big fan!! What's the best Hanukkah gift you've ever gotten?? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "Any present when you are young is great! Normally the family gives money to spend - I got a football!" #ArsenalLive

@Umar_Wilshere19 - @Arsenal After football, what is the most important thing in your life? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "Before football, the most important thing is my family. After that is football." #ArsenalLive

@rhyswillison - @Arsenal What came first, the chicken or the egg? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "The chicken! What is this question?! Maybe they came together?" #ArsenalLive

77Elvis77 - Yossi, what makes you angry while driving? @Arsenal #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "In England, I don't get angry because people are polite on the road. In Israel they are rude on the road!" #ArsenalLive

@kikimistry - @Arsenal Yossi would you consider yourself to be the best ever Israeli football player of all time? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "No, I have been asked before. There were and will be a lot of better players but I'm happy with my career." #ArsenalLive

@CallumMcGawx - @Arsenal Do you like frogs? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "I am not really into frogs!" #ArsenalLive

@mikeyman764 - Is English food better than Israeli food? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "In two words - no chance!" #ArsenalLive

@madeyds - @Arsenal Yossi, who's the fastest? Salomon Kalou or Theo? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "Definitely Theo. He is one of the quickest in the world." #ArsenalLive

@therealtwin2 - @arsenal What is your favourite pizza topping? #ArsenalLive

Yossi says: "I always eat it with mushrooms on top." #ArsenalLive

@chawlashravan - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Yossi, what's the secret of your beautifully well-maintained hair?

Yossi says: "The shampoo I am using, it is secret!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that’s Yossi finished, next up we have Francis Coquelin. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@calumlewis2 - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive fav moment so far at arsenal?

Francis says: "I'd say my first start against Manchester United, even though we lost, but also my performance at Spurs." #ArsenalLive

@NotQuiteArtist - @Arsenal Out of all the french players who is the best chef? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "Probably me. Pasta is my best dish!" #ArsenalLive

@sivasaran007 - @Arsenal did you ever get Frimponged ? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "No, but he has been Coquelined!" #ArsenalLive

@nisaaNadia - @Arsenal tell me what the most romantic words you've ever said to someone you love are #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "I haven't said I love you yet. So I probably say, 'Nice one'." #ArsenalLive

@Lewis__Cooper - @Arsenal who's the best in the world in your opinion, Messi or Ronaldo? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "No doubt about it, it has to be Messi" #ArsenalLive

@HassanTheGooner - @Arsenal what car do you drive? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "I have a Mini and an Audi." #ArsenalLive

@Gooner_Sidd - @Arsenal Do you admire Patrick Vieira and maybe want to emulate him at Arsenal? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "Yes, he had a great career, he's one of the best midfielders ever. I'd love to have the same career as him" #ArsenalLive

@UmzieN - @Arsenal do you believe in ghosts? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "No, I don't." #ArsenalLive

@janinatoys - @Arsenal Poolside or beach? #ArsenalLive

Francis says: "Definitely the beach - where I am from my island has loads of nice beaches" #ArsenalLive

@kawaii_jun - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Francis, your favourite video game?

Francis says: "I would say it is Fifa. I am not happy with my rating, I am only 65!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that’s Francis finished, next up we have Carl Jenkinson. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@Jaz_Singh07 - #ArsenalLive Carl is everyone still jealous of your amazing haircut?

Carl says: "I think that is what it is. They all give me banter about it, but they haven't mastered their own haircuts!" #ArsenalLive

@WillsMum_ - @Arsenal would you ever go on I'm a celeb get me out of here? #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "Why not? I'd give it a go. I think Big Brother would get boring and I'm A Celebrity would be a laugh." #ArsenalLive

@ateallthecake - @Arsenal Carl, what's your favorite ice cream flavour? #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "I quite like Cookie Dough. That's the best." #ArsenalLive

@JustJosh97 - @Arsenal when do you plan to score your first goal #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "I planned it in the first game I played, and it's long overdue. Everyone will know about it when I score!" #ArsenalLive

@NatashaRizvi83 - @Arsenal What is your favourite song right now? #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "I would say, The Motto by Drake." #ArsenalLive @Arsenal

@Ki113r_7 - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Carl, if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Carl says: "It would be to fly. I'd love that. I'd love a pilot's license as well. I'd do my own thing and go where I wanted" #ArsenalLive

@BKMcFlyer - @Arsenal if you could have any other player who would it be, or a player from the past? #Arsenallive

Carl says: "Now, It would have to be Messi as he's the best by a mile. From the past, Tony Adams - he's my hero." #ArsenalLive

@MrEbbsfleet - @Arsenal Golf or pool? #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "It's a tough one, I like them both. You can't beat golf on a summer's day and it's more of an outdoor thing." #ArsenalLive

@inkypolo - @Arsenal Carl, why don't you have a twitter? #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "I don't know. I used to have it, but stopped using it. I didn't see the point of keeping it." #ArsenalLive

@Joolie_Toolie - @Arsenal I like Marmite & cheese on toast. Do you? #ArsenalLive

Carl says: "To this day I've never tried Marmite. But I'm going to try it tonight so I'll let you know!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that’s Carl finished. Last up we have Andre Santos. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@reece_sim - @Arsenal Have you tried to bring a bit of the Brazilian culture to the team? If so, in what way? #ArsenalLive

Andre says: "I've tried to bring the spirit and happiness of Brazilian people - and the dancing as well!" #ArsenalLive

@LubnaAFC - @Arsenal Would you say you're the best dancer in the squad after that goal celebration?? #ArsenalLive

Andre says: "No! I wouldn't say that. Sagna is the best dancer, but we all mess around." #ArsenalLive

@RatnaWilshere - @Arsenal what's your favourite goal at Arsenal that you scored? #ArsenalLive

Andre says: "My goal at Chelsea without doubt - there's nothing like scoring in a derby like that." #ArsenalLive

@sweeneylb277 - @Arsenal what do you do after training usually? #ArsenalLive

Andre says: "I am very busy after training so I like to see my son and I go shopping." #ArsenalLive

@Elianaa96 - #ArsenalLive A past Brazilian football player you hope to be like one day? @Arsenal

Andre says: "I have always wanted to be like Roberto Carlos, he has been my inspiration since I was a kid." #ArsenalLive

@MohSerr - @Arsenal Would you trade Brazil's world cup trophies for Premier League ones? #ArsenalLive

Andre says: "It's a hard question! I'd love to win the Premier League but I can't swap Brazil's trophies!" #ArsenalLive

@syaufeharriz - @Arsenal how is your life in london #ArsenalLive

Andre says: "I am very happy in London, I'd like to thank everyone for making me welcome!" #ArsenalLive

Our Twitter Takeover has ended! Thanks to everyone who sent a question - look out for video footage on #ArsenalLive

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25 Apr 2012