On the performance...
"I believe we had the chances to win the game as you have seen. I feel the commitment was on Hull's side. They fought for 90 minutes and I believe from the start onwards we were not completely switched on to the level that you need to be to win the game.

"Maybe it is because human beings are not always machines. We thought subconsciously that we will make it, that’s basically it. But after we were 1-0 up and that’s when we were a bit careless. Instead of pushing on and scoring a second goal, we gave too much room to Hull and in the end we were caught.

"We don’t know [if our rivals winning will cost us] but I believe Hull were committed. It’s a good lesson for us because the commitment was on their side. We know from these kind of games that, in the League, when your attitude from the start is not good enough you risk losing the game.

"They played well and they defended especially very well. I think that's where they were dominant and where we were beaten. I think we had 25 crosses today, their keeper and defenders did a great job."

On the consequences of such a defeat...
"You can never afford a defeat. I think we had a good opportunity to still be top the game and we’re not. I believe at the end of the day if you imagine that we had the same level of concentration that Hull had we would’ve won the game because the technical difference was in our favour. They had a little bit extra, that was seen on the corner that they scored.

"I don’t know it's very difficult to say [if they lost due to inexperience]. I believe what is important now is that we responded after Fulham and we must respond this time on Tuesday with a performance that shows our strengths. That’s all you can do. Of course we are all disappointed, the dressing room is very shocked and quiet but its part of mental strength aswell to deal with that. We have to show how united we are on Tuesday night.

"There's nothing to celebrate [his 12 year anniversary of being in charge]. There’s more to prepare for the next one and anyway if we had won there was nothing to celebrate anyway."

On conceding from corners...
"It is a weakness in our team but that’s aswell linked with the level of concentration. You can work for hours on the training ground but if you don’t attack the ball on the day of the game it will cost you. We were caught already the corner before when the guy got infront of Adebayor. I believe that's more down to how much you want the ball."

On bouncing back...
"During the next 48 hours our job will be to repair the damage done mentally and psychologically by the defeat today because that was not an expected one of course. It will be more difficult to deal with because we are used to being dominant at home and what we have done today will be difficult for the players.

"I woudn’t like to go into any individual comment on individual performances today because you can always fault this one or this one. I believe as a unit, as a team we were not at the level where we wanted to be. I believe that’s more collectively and its more down to mental aspects rather than technical aspects."

"The team is young enough. I believe we need some more experience in some areas in the game and to defend better. The way we gave the first and second goal away is not exactly what we need is to bring younger players in."

On the threat of Porto...
"I'm confident that we’ll respond well on Tuesday night because the dissapointment is so deep. The attitude is good and the overall spirit in the team is very very good. Today we were caught a little bit for being too easy and I don’t think that will happen on Tuesday.

"They are always a difficult side to play. They’ve just beaten Fenerbahce. They played last night and have given enough. We know in the Champions League we don’t have the same risk as we have tonight. We have to rebuild the conifdence before Tuesday to get the right belief into the game."

"We are always under extra pressure but Tuesday night will be a vital game for us. I'm more concerned by the Premier League than the Champions League and its very concerning when we lose a game like we lost today."

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27 Sep 2008