Kieran Gibbs, Wojciech Szczesny, Robin van Persie, Abou Diaby and Bacary Sagna took part in our last Twitter Takeover in late April and this is your chance to re-live the event.

Watch our video footage and read the full transcript below:


Welcome to the latest @Arsenal Twitter Takeover! First up is Kieran Gibbs so get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

@nicolaskues_ - @Arsenal who is your favourite left full-back of all time? #arsenallive

Kieran says: "That would be Ashley Cole - in my time anyway. I watched him a lot when I was growing up. I looked up to him" #ArsenalLive

@mickwwarwick - @arsenal #ArsenalLive Kieran, what is it like marking Theo Walcott in training?

Kieran says: "It's a bit of a nightmare! He's one of the best wingers in the league and we know how quick he is" #ArsenalLive

@asyiAFC - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive What's your favourite TV show?

Kieran says: "It's between Two and a Half men and 90210. I have them on series link." #ArsenalLive

@supreetbahl - @Arsenal Who is the slowest driver in the team? #ArsenalLive

Kieran says: "I'll have to say Rosicky. We live quite close and he's given me a lift once - and he's a bit of a granny driver!" #ArsenalLive

@sivasaran007 - @Arsenal what is your biggest fear ? #ArsenalLive

Kieran says: "I am not a big fan of heights." #ArsenalLive

@Badassovic - #ArsenalLive do you take a good free-kick ? Most left backs have a good one

Kieran says: "I take a better corner. I practice free kicks in training but there are a few ahead of me in that department" #ArsenalLive

@Ling2x - Do you have a pregame ritual? #ArsenalLive

Kieran says: "I do the same thing every game, I have done it for years. It's the order that I do things." #ArsenalLive

@abitmel - @Arsenal Who will win the CL final? #ArsenalLive

Kieran says: "Bayern will win it because I would prefer Chelsea not to win it!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that's Kieran finished, next up we have Wojciech Szczesny. You have five minutes to get your questions in using #ArsenalLive hashtag

@joeyc1986 - @Arsenal Do you all play FIFA? If so who's the best? #ArsenalLive

Wojciech says: "I do play FIFA. I am horrible at it. Theo is probably the best." #ArsenalLive

@Hadziie - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Out of the team, who's shots are the hardest to save?

Wojciech says: "I would say it's Vermaelen - he's got a rocket in his left foot. But he can't hit with his right foot!" #ArsenalLive

@dmdburton - @Arsenal A potato, a pork pie or 4 yoghurts? #ArsenalLive

Wojciech says: "Erm...erm... I dunno. A pork pie, with potato, and yoghurt for dessert." #ArsenalLive

@tomvermeersch - @Arsenal Did you like the beer those fans threw at you in the game against Man City? #ArsenalLive

Wojciech says: "I didn't actually taste it, I covered the end with my thumb as I was scared threre'd be something else in it." #ArsenalLive

@Jakey_Graham - @Arsenal what made you want to become a goalkeeper? #ArsenalLive

Wojciech says: "It's a simple answer: I was shocking as a striker, I couldn't pass or shoot and I was selfish. So I'm a keeper" #ArsenalLive

@janinatoys - @Arsenal If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do? #ArsenalLive

Wojciech says: "I would probably dance with a crocodile, or put my head in its jaws." #ArsenalLive

@SeanCalfe - Szcesny is a lad so whats the greatest prank youv'e pulled on the team-mates? Please says it's to Theo! #ArsenalLive

Wojciech says: "I did something bad in someone's trainers!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that's Wojciech finished, next we have Robin van Persie. You have five minutes to get your questions in using #ArsenalLive hashtag

@Leylaa88 - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive who do you think will win the Euro? You can't say the netherlands ;)

Robin says: "It's hard to name another country but I would go for someone like Spain, Germany, Portugal and an outsider" #ArsenalLive

@mastercedd - #ArsenalLive who's your favourite player of all time?

Robin says: "I have a few. I met Ronaldo from Brazil for dinner a few days ago. Also, Zidane, Maradonna, Cruyff and Messi." #ArsenalLive

@andeshwar - @Arsenal Who is your greatest threat in Table Tennis #ArsenalLive

Robin says: "At Arsenal it has to be Walcott and Szczesny - they have a good standard. It's usually 21-18 against Theo" #ArsenalLive

@AlexWesty16 - @Arsenal who is the worst dresser in the team? #ArsenalLive

Robin says: "It's not Songo, even though he gets a lot of stick. He is a brave man. The worst is Rosicky. he likes tracksuits." #ArsenalLive

@kissmyarsene - @Arsenal have you ever invited the boss to dinner for a bit of captain/manager bonding? #ArsenalLive

Robin says: "No! We do the bonding at the training ground and that works well" #ArsenalLive

@Anubhav_Dev_AFC - @Arsenal Robin, Toughtest/best defender you have faced this season? #ArsenalLive

Robin says: "It has to be the guy from AC Milan, Thiago Silva. He is really good, on the air, on the ball, passes well." #ArsenalLive

Right, that's Robin finished, next up we have Abou Diaby. You have five minutes to get your questions in using #ArsenalLive hashtag

@jimpow77 - @Arsenal who's the best player you've played against ? #ArsenaLive

Abou says: "Zinedine Zidane, definitely. Because he's the best!" #ArsenalLive

@ArsenalFCView - @Arsenal Abou, what is your favourite Breakfast Cereal? #arsenallive

Abou says: "It is Miel Pops. They are nice." #ArsenalLive

@leouzzi - @Arsenal Abou, how much do you think you can bring to the team this season run in? #ArsenalLive

Abou says: "A lot, I hope. I would like to help the team win all three games and get third place" #ArsenalLive

@jackthegooner1 - @Arsenal #ArsenalLive can you dance good, like a robot?

Abou says: "I can dance like Michael Jackson. Not like a robot."#ArsenalLive

@M_Baioumi - @Arsenal what is the best match you have ever played in ? #ArsenalLive

Abou says: "That was at Real Madrid when we won 1-0, and Thierry scored" #ArsenalLive

@the_kun_van - @Arsenal Abou, Do you miss Eboue? #ArsenalLive

Abou says: "A lot. I miss his happiness, even on the pitch." #ArsenalLive

@ace_mayor - @Arsenal who is the best keeper you've played against #ArsenalLive

Abou says: "Buffon. He is amazing" #ArsenalLive

@Rasyiqey - @Arsenal What's your favorite things to do instead of playing football? #ArsenalLive

Abou says: "I like reading, going to the cinema, to stay at home as well and relax." #ArsenalLive

@fatinshafira90 - @Arsenal what are other sports that you like to play? #ArsenalLive

Abou says: "Basketball. I like Miami and LeBron James. I am pretty good at basketball - better than Sagna!" #ArsenalLive

Right, that's Abou finished, last up we have Bacary Sagna. You have five minutes to get your questions in using #ArsenalLive hashtag

@Simon_Breeze - @Arsenal Bacary, what has been your greatest moment in an Arsenal shirt? #ArsenalLive

Bacary says: "Probably the Champions League game against Roma when we won on penalties." #ArsenalLive

@sukhieshergill - #ArsenalLive Bacary how many hours a day do you train, my seven-year-old boy wants to know, he emulates you on the pitch.

Bacary says: "About two hours is a usual training session including time shooting and getting extra practice in" #ArsenalLive

@AhmadAbdelJabe1 - @Arsenal Who is the toughest winger that you have played against? #ArsenalLive

Bacary says: "Messi, when he plays wide. He is the best in the world. Football seems easy when he plays it" #ArsenalLive

@Paul_Delmonte - @Arsenal what is your favourite thing to do with your kids on a day off? I'm a new father and need tips! #ArsenaLive

Bacary says: "Just play with them, and enjoy being with them as much as possible." #ArsenalLive

@BradlikeArsenal - @Arsenal bacary, abou has just said that he is a better basketball player than you, do you agree? #ArsenalLive

Bacary says: "Totally! I have never played basketball in my life, even for fun" #ArsenalLive

@LumosBliss - @Arsenal What's your favorite food? #ArsenalLive

Bacary says: "It is lebanese food, it is quite healthy and tastes nice. I enjoy it." #ArsenalLive

@pejalfdzi - Are you excited to play at Malaysia again later this year? #ArsenalLive

Bacary says: "I am very excited, like all the players. Last year was a great experience for us and we want to go back" #ArsenalLive

Our Twitter Takeover has finished! Thanks to everyone who sent a question - look out for video footage on #ArsenalLive

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9 May 2012