Arsène Wenger faced the media on Thursday ahead of the Premier League clash with Fulham.

Here's a round-up of some of the manager's quotes. For the main headlines, visit our Digest page:

on the Poppy Appeal...
I believe that is important in society, and as well that it is special in England. One of the things I like in England is that there is a good mixture of respect of tradition and innovation. I believe everybody is respectful of that and it’s good to have a Remembrance Day because a society that doesn’t honour people who have lived before doesn’t survive. That is done very well in England.

on November international friendlies...

The friendlies in November, I don't know how they can prepare you for a game in February. Basically there are a lot of politics behind these games as well because when you see some teams travelling during that period, you think it is more to pay back some corporation rather than preparing a team for the next official game.

I believe the friendly games are there as well to help some federations raise some money by playing against big teams. If they use the money well to develop football in their country, it is alright. The problem is in the modern game not to have too much conflict with the interest of the clubs - for example when we play Saturday morning at 12.45pm against Tottenham and Cazorla plays in Panama on Wednesday night, you cannot say there is no conflict of interest between the two.

The rules are as they are, what is difficult to understand is why these games are not like the official games and are played on a Tuesday night. For us, Tuesday night would be helpful because it is a friendly. If a guy has played on Sunday, you can only play him part of the game. It is not an official game so it is difficult to understand why these games are not on a Tuesday night..

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9 Nov 2012