By Chris Harris

Arsène Wenger believes that football clubs should live within their means - but he would not enforce this with a salary cap.

The topic cropped up at the Frenchman's pre-match press conference on Friday after Uefa president Michel Platini proposed wage limits in an attempt to curtail the dominance of a handful of clubs in European competition.

Wenger's compatriot wants to create a 'level playing field' in football but the Arsenal manager thinks that a salary cap goes too far. He believes clubs should be free to spend as they wish - provided they stay within their natural resources.

"My thoughts are quite simple: I am for the freedom of each company to run its company how it feels is right and to make the right decisions," said Wenger. "That’s why one company can be better than another one.

"I agree completely that you cannot spend artificial money. It has to be linked with your resources.

"But I believe that once you have your resources you can run your football club how you want to run it."

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6 Feb 2009