Ju Young Park scored his first goal for Arsenal last week when he grabbed the winner in the Carling Cup tie against Bolton.

The South Korea captain sat down to discuss that experience and the team's progress this season in an exclusive interview with Arsenal Player.

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Ju, how do you feel after scoring your first goal for the Club last week?
First of all I was very happy, especially as it was only the second game since I arrived. I was very happy. I think the older players helped me a lot and that’s why I could score.

What do you remember about the goal?
The first thing is that when I scored, all the players came to me and congratulated me. The fans cheered for me as well and that made me so happy. At first I thought I had missed the net! But the ball went in and for that I was very happy. It was a great feeling to score.

How important was it for you to impress the Arsenal fans?
As a striker the best way to impress fans is to score goals. So I will do my best all the time in every game to do that. I try to move around and make runs and score goals. I think that’s the most important thing.

Arsène Wenger has said the Arsenal fans would grow to love you – what did he say to you after the game?
He didn’t say much, he just said I did a good job and that it was a very good game.

How confident are you that Arsenal can win the Carling Cup?
I heard that Arsenal could not win the trophy when they reached the final the last two times but we will have to do our best to win it this year. I think we can do it, it is possible.

Manchester City are your next opponents - how tough will that be?
Of course their team is very strong, it’s a very good team. But the game will be at our home ground so many fans will cheer for us. We have to do our best to win the game.

Do you feel ready to play in the Premier League now?
I will try my best to show that I am in the best condition and show that I am good enough to play there. My training and my lifestyle is helping me adjust to the English game. At the moment I don’t have any problems at all - I am in good condition. The final decision is of course made by the manager so I will do my best to prepare myself in case I get a chance.

How much of a step up is it to play at that level?
This is all I have dreamed of and now I have a chance to play in this team. So for me it is unbelievable. Personally I see this as my best chance to improve my skills and to play with these world-class players.

The main striker at Arsenal at the moment is Robin van Persie - how impressed have you been by him?
He is doing a great job in every game and all the players and the fans are impressed by him. When I watch him in matches and training, I think he’s a very good player.

Arsène Wenger says he will have to rest Robin at some point. Do you expect to get your chance then?
I am not the only striker in the squad apart from Robin so I will just do my best to prepare myself physically. Then the decision is made by the manager.

The team has won eight of its last nine games. Why do you think Arsenal’s results have improved?
I think there are many good players in a team but that does not mean they will win every game. The most important thing I think is working well together as a team. Arsenal’s players are all together and that is why we have good results.

You watched the Chelsea game from the bench. What did you think?
It was a very interesting experience! In the first half there were lots of good chances at both ends and the game was played at a high tempo. The speed of the game was very high and the quality too. If we play like that more and more than we will make people happy.

What was the atmosphere like in the dressing room?
All the players were happy, we were very pleased. All the staff were happy too. Everyone was in a good mood, some of the players sang and there was a very good atmosphere.

How much can Arsenal achieve this season?
Personally I think Arsenal can win at any time; we always had that possibility. If we continue doing what we are doing then we will be happy at the end of the season.

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4 Nov 2011