Legends statues to be unveiled at Emirates

[IMG: 88044 title="New statue" alt="New statue" width="510" height="250" align="middle"]

Can you guess who this Arsenal legend is?

We are delighted to announce that in the forthcoming weeks, statues will be unveiled to commemorate three legends in the history of Arsenal Football Club.

The statues will be located in prominent positions outside Emirates Stadium, where fans will be able to remember and celebrate three individuals who have contributed so much to the successful history of the Club.

The unveiling of the three statues is forming part of our 125th anniversary celebrations, of which the focal point will be our home match against Everton on Saturday, December 10.

The statues are another development in our ongoing programme to commemorate significant Arsenal moments, matches and individuals and make Emirates Stadium an inspiring place for us all.

Although the identities of the three legends will not be revealed until their statues are unveiled, our Club Photographers have been taking images of the statues during their production. Can you guess who the three legends are from the images below?

26 Nov 2011