In the wake of the re-structuring on the Board of Arsenal Holdings plc, chairman Peter Hill-Wood spoke to the Club's official website.

Please can you explain the re-structure?

Ivan Gazidis is joining the board as Chief Executive on January 1. He brings a wealth of general business experience to the Club which will be of great benefit to us. He has been involved in sport for many years. He understands football, he understands the transfer market and he understands the business side. So we are very grateful that he has joined us.

Richard Carr has been on the Board for 27 years. He has decided to step down from the Holding company Board but he is going to stay on the Football Club Board where he has been responsible for the Academy and Youth Development department. He has done a first-rate job there and we are very pleased he is going to continue to do that.

Lady Nina has left the Board and we wish her well for the future.

Does this have any impact on the lockdown agreement?

Lady Nina is no longer representing the Club and therefore is released from the lockdown. However it was created to maintain stability in the Club and those participants are committed to maintaining the ownership structure as it is.

Does Lady Nina intend to sell her shares?

I don’t know for certain what she wants to do with her shares. I do know that the Bracewell-Smith family have been involved with the Club for many, many years and are great supporters.

I know that Lady Nina is an advocate of the policies we have been following to make the Club self-sustaining and free from external injections of money. She has certainly been in favour of what we are doing.

We hope that she would remain a shareholder but she has not spoken to me about it lately. She is no longer in the lockdown so she is free to do what she wishes to do.

If Lady Nina does sell her shares would any member of the Board be willing to buy them?

A number of the Board have indicated in the past that they are interested in buying more shares so the future stability of the Club is secure. The Board is very keen to retain control of the Club to ensure that its values and traditions are upheld and live on for many years to come.

Historically speaking, there has been little movement on the Board but over the last two years, there has been changes.  Does this have any significant impact on how the club operates?

The philosophy of the Club remains the same. Our efforts are directed towards stability and making the Club successful. Changes of personnel will not alter the directors’ view of how we should proceed in the future. All the directors love the Club and are committed to maintaining its heritage. Acting in the best interests of the Club is fundamental to the decisions we take on behalf of Arsenal. The Directors feel the Club’s future is positive both on and off the field.

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17 Dec 2008