Have you taken part in our Fans' Forum yet?

If you haven't, Tom Watt wants to know why.

The diehard Gooner hosts our flagship Friday night show on Arsenal.com every week from 6pm (UK time), taking your calls and e-mails LIVE from Emirates Stadium while he and a leading football journalist chew over all the big Arsenal issues.

Football is about opinions and this is your chance to get your voice heard so click here every Friday to take part. What can you expect from the FREE Fans' Forum? We asked Tom for the lowdown.

Tom, how has the Fans' Forum changed since last year?
The biggest change and the best change is that it's now free. Much of the website's video content is for subscribers only but the Fans' Forum is for anybody and everybody, every Friday evening. The fact that anyone can get involved is a huge plus in my opinion.

What can fans expect in that hour?
They can expect us to get on with it. It's a radio show on TV in many ways because we have a webcam so you can see what's happening in what we refer to as 'the smallest room at the home of football'. There will be me and a leading journalist from a national paper to give some semblance of objectivity - although that's not really what we're about, it's very much a family affair. It really is a chance to talk about whatever you like as long as it's the Arsenal. That might be to look back on games, it might be to look forward. It can be like that or it can be Arsenal in general, it doesn't have to be game-related. We'll get 14 or 15 Arsenal supporters on the air every week, there will be lots of e-mails and I'll get through as many of those as I can. Basically we try and keep things moving.

Can you speak your mind?
Yes and that's not new - it's not Pravda! People are absolutely more than welcome to come on and have a pop. I think people probably know that while I'm not in any way constrained by the Club I am a believer in what we're trying to do on and off the pitch. So when people do come on to have a pop, they know they're in for an argument. I don't really see the point of having a show that says to supporters 'come on and have your say' if at the same time you say 'don't be critical'. Whatever your take, you're more than welcome, as long as you're ready to fight your corner.

Are you surprised by the global reach of the Forum?
It's fantastic. Obviously there are probably certain limits imposed by time zones but we will get callers from Africa, callers from around Europe, callers from America, as well as callers from Islington. It's that kind of range. That's what is a real plus about it being on the internet - the idea of the worldwide web actually means something when you're talking about the Forum because we'll literally go from a caller in Bethnal Green to a caller in Denver. I think that's great.

Tell us about the guests you have on the show?

To be honest it's important to have another point of view. I'm as one-eyed as any supporter, in fact, strictly speaking, I think objectivity is overrated in football. If you're not one-eyed I don't see the point really. All that 'oh, I just like good football', I've never had time for that. It's about us and them, and I'm us. But the journalists are there to give the Forum a bit of balance. Obviously these are people who cover Arsenal on a regular basis and lots of them would have been at Arsène Wenger's press conference earlier on the Friday. They come fresh from there to the Forum.

Friday Night is not just about the Forum though is it?
No, Arsenal 360 and the manager's pre-match press conference are part of the Friday Night package from 5.15pm (UK time). Those two features are different in that they are for Arsenal TV Online subscribers. At 6pm when the Fans' Forum starts it becomes free to watch and free to call. But you know you get so much written and broadcast on the back of Arsène Wenger's press conference so to see and hear what the boss has had to say, rather than read about it second-hand, is a huge plus. As for Arsenal 360, you get stuff there you won't get anywhere else - like Johan Djourou's 'Arsenal Insider' feature from the training ground. I don't know any other player who does that. The guy is different class and he talks you through the week from the players' point of view. Arsenal 360 covers a lot of ground.

What does it mean to you to walk into the Emirates and debate Arsenal for an hour?
To be honest, I'd be doing it anyway - I just wouldn't be doing it at the home of football! I spend half my life talking about the Arsenal. You go into our studio on a Friday and that conversation you've been having with your mates all week suddenly expands to take in Arsenal supporters all over this country and all over the world. To be honest you can't beat it.

If you can't watch the Fans' Forum live, you can download it from here

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18 Mar 2011