On Monday we invited Arsenal.com readers to voice their opinions on the performances of Cesc Fabregas last season after the Spanish midfielder scooped the O2/Arsenal.com Player of the Season award.

We were inundated with e-mails from Gunners fans heaping praise on the 21-year-old. Below are some of the best.


"Cesc brings a dimension of football no other Premier League club can match. His vision and football understanding is way and above any other player in the Premier League. He gives an example to his team-mates and the way Flamini blossomed last year is an example of the confidence he gives his fellow players. To say he is brilliant is an understatement. What player would I compare him with? It must Franz Beckenbauer who was rated the most complete player of his day. Undoubtedly the predominant memory has to be the brilliant goal he scored against Milan in the Champions League."
Clive Davis, Member of Arsenal Supporters club, Norway

"We say goodbye to Vieira, up steps Cesc. Henry departs, up steps Cesc. Undeniably the most gifted midfielder in the Premiership and only 21. A magnificent footballing brain, so advanced that, like Bergkamp before him, even his team-mates sometimes cannot operate on the same wavelength. Graceful and intelligent but fierce and strong as last season has shown. A future captain and the heartbeat of the young Arsenal team."
Lucy Cole

"Fabregas is a wonderful player. He is so good that when he is introduced into a play, you will see his effect immediately that the game has improved (he dictates the pattern and pace of the game). His accurate and calculated passes cannot be waved aside."
Femi Jacobs, Nigeria

"Cesc Fabregas is a MIDFIELD WARRIOR, always giving 100 per cent on the field, this has been proven with the 23 assists and 13 goals he has scored. To me he was the best midfielder last season with such statistics. He has also been getting back when necessary."
Harry Husbands, Barbados

"I am so glad Cesc was deservedly voted Player of the Season for Arsenal. He has been an inspiration for the team and has improved so much. His technique, vision and passion are all so strong, making him incredible to watch. He has continued to impress with his sublime passing and intelligence beyond his years and he has also added goals and a more attacking side to his game. It is easy to mention his footballing game, however, I think Cesc Fabregas brings so much more to the game. I am 15 years old and he is my hero. I admire his skills of course but his conduct is equally as impressive. In interviews, there seems nothing wrong ever in what he says and he speaks with a genuine love of the game and the club. While so many footballers are motivated by money, greed and feel they can get away with anything because they are who they are, Cesc is a legend and my hero. I think he is amazing in so many ways."
Katy Brown, 15

"I'm 15 so some people might not think I know a lot about football, but I know one thing for certain - Cesc Fabregas is one of the most inspirational and talented midfielders in the world. I love Arsenal and hope one day that I can play for them and if I was playing alongside Fabregas I would consider it a great honour. Upon seeing his performance in Euro 2008 it is clear he has a fantastic understanding of football and a brilliant mind. He has great skill, agility and has great vision."
Orlando Miller, London

"Fabregas is an amazing player, his goal at the San Siro was a definite highlight of last season, he is the playmaker and brings so much quality and style to the team, he deserves to be player of the season because he is Arsenal."
Aisha, Shropshire

"Cesc is just one more reason the likes of Adebayor should respect what Arsène Wenger can do for players. Cesc is a fabulous young, gifted, talented likeable man who comes across so polite and amenable when interviewed, he is a real professional footballer worth his wages and a credit to Arsenal Football Club. We should be proud of this man, and I remember many years ago on Sky's pundit panel when week-in week-out Charlie Nicholas would say 'that boy Fabregas is going to be some player in the future', that was when he was 17 years old. I am looking forward to the day he captains Arsenal. Arsène Wenger has done it again."
Derek Hellery, Braintree, Essex

"Fabregas has got the lot: passing, scoring and even a willingness to get stuck in. Why do Arsenal fans love him so much? Probably because his heart and soul is 200 per cent Gunner. He is not a gold digger - for him it is about achieving greatness and committing yourself to the Wenger cause. Which of course is total football with a hint of French flair. I truly hope Adebayor remains as well as Van Persie because with those three fit for a whole season I don’t see any defence stopping the Arsenal."
Gooner Fan, South Africa

"A perfect role model to young players and still a rising talent. I hope he can continue to develop and win lots of trophies with Arsenal."
Andre Kirby, High Wycombe

"One of the best things that happened to football this decade is Cesc. He has achieved and shown quality at at every level he plays. He makes football look so easy that I often have a rethink about having a footballing career!"
Fadahunsi Babajide, Nigeria

"What a player! He is the vital cog in Arsène's team of young superstars, making us tick with the efficiency of a Rolex watch, spraying crossfield passes with consumate ease, tigerish in the tackle and with a desire and belief that completely beggers belief for someone of his age. He is the player I always look for in every team sheet for every game, and having him there is what we need to make sure we take the fight to the opposition. I wouldn't sell him for £100 million!"
Jordan Rothery

"Cesc Fabregas is currently one of the best midfielders in the world. He brings everything to this Arsenal squad and is the heart of the midfield. He can score brilliant goals, hold and control the ball and also defend as well. He doesn't remind me of anyone because he is one of a kind. There are many favourite Fabregas moments - the goal against AC Milan, the goal at Liverpool in the Premier League and the goal against Tottenham. He deserves to be Arsenal's Player of the Season."
Gianni Zollo, Australia

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10 Jul 2008