The Club's fans in China have been interacting with their Arsenal heroes in a series of webchats hosted at the training ground in London Colney.

Interest in Arsenal has been even higher in China since Arsène Wenger and his squad visited Hangzhou as part of their pre-season tour. Indeed, up to a million supporters have been online at any one time to post their questions to the players through the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo.

China's most popular website,, hosts the webchats and we'll publish extracts from them right here on

Scroll down for a selection of the questions and answers when Tomas Rosicky and Thomas Vermaelen faced our Chinese fans.

Tomas, we hear you are a keen guitar player - what are your favourite songs?

TR: Master of Puppets is a great song. But first of all I cannot sing at all. I am basically the only one who likes rock music too - all the others like R n' B and hip-hop. I am the only one who likes my songs!

I am still learning, but for me it's fun. It's very difficult and you have to practice a lot - I don't have too much time. It's my hobby.

Once I saw the guitar player of Metallica, Kirk Hammett, I saw him do a crazy solo on the guitar. Then I thought 'I want to try this'. I can play some things but I am still learning.

What was your impression of the China tour this year? Did you try any of the food?

TV: It was nice, you could see that the fans were really happy to see us. They are really good fans, they were really polite to us. When I am in London sometimes I eat Chinese food. When you eat it here of course it is good, but over there it is just amazing.

TR: We had one dinner and there was some sweet and sour chicken - it was so good. And it was different to when you eat it over here.

Thomas, you played alongside Per Mertesacker for the first time against Marseille - how was that?

TV: To be honest I only trained for a short time with Per before that game because I had been injured since he came to Arsenal. For me it was a bit strange because I played alongside him for the first time straight away in a Champions League game.

We know each other's qualities because I have seen him in games and you know where the other centre-back is going to be. I don't think it's a big problem.

As a foreign player, do you agree that the second season in the Premier League is the most difficult?

TV: Maybe that is true because in the first season everything is new and people don't expect much from you. If you do well in the first season they know you and expect you to do well. So maybe the second season is harder.

TR: I absolutely agree with that.

What helps a player to overcome a big injury?

TR: Your family, team-mates and fans help you get through. Obviously the main one for me is my family and maybe close friends who can help you through a bad period. But of course it is not a good situation and not easy to overcome - but the moment you can play again is a great feeling. Basically the best thing is to forget about it.

Which is your favourite Arsenal goal or game?

TR: Probably my first one against Hamburg. It was my first for Arsenal and a very good one!

TV: I think my first was important, against Everton. It is always special when it is your first goal, especially on your debut. It is good for the confidence.

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14 Nov 2011