The Club has received a number of queries regarding the allocation of tickets and why people have not received a ticket for this match, as a consequence full information is as under which we hope will fully explain the procedure to supporters concerned.

The Club has received circa 21,000 tickets for the Final in Paris.  As supporters may know, the Stade de France actually has a capacity of 77,500 and the Club's allocation, therefore, represents only 27% of the total capacity.

For information, the tickets have been allocated to the following:-

UEFA Website ticket ballot (Gen Public) - 11,000
UEFA Requirements - 14,500
French Football Federation - 10,000
Arsenal - 21,000
Barcelona - 21,000

As in all these cases, the Club has very difficult decisions to make on how to allocate these tickets, and as has been tradition for previous finals, Arsenal decided that the fairest way to distribute these tickets was for season ticket holders to receive first priority.  However, knowing that more season ticket holders would apply than the Club had tickets available, a second tier of prioritisation was introduced, which brought into consideration those season ticket holders that had bought tickets for away matches over the last two years, as this match is not being played at Highbury.

As expected, once the registration process had been completed it was evident that there would not be a sufficient number of tickets to cover all applications.  Therefore, the away credit priority was applied. This was a straightforward process because the majority of applications registered had a considerable amount of away attendance.

The remaining minority of applications had either extremely low or no away attendance on file.  The Club is aware of occasions where credits may not have been recorded to file and, therefore, it felt that due to the integrity of the data, the fairest way to determine the success of these applications was by a random ballot.

This was the sole allocation criteria and others such as shareholders, bond holders etcetera were not given any priority and the Club still believes that this is the fairest way of allocating tickets.

There have been questions raised as to how many tickets have been used for the Club and can confirm that this has been below 5% of the total tickets allocated to Arsenal F.C. Given the importance of this game, the Club has severely reduced all such allocations and have kept the Club's use to the minimum possible level.

Arsenal would like to sincerely apologise to supporters that may not have received a ticket for this match.  However, the Club hopes supporters can understand from the above that it is facing an impossible task to allocate tickets to everybody who wishes to watch this important match.

There are over 130,000 members of Arsenal F.C. and, therefore, an allocation of just 16% has been received compared to the total membership of the Club.

Everyone at Arsenal FC would like to thank all fans for their support and hope that those of you that have not been able to obtain a ticket will be with us in spirit in Paris.

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12 May 2006