Arsenal's players took part in a live 'Twitter Takeover' earlier this month.

Tomas Rosicky, Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta, Lukasz Fabianski, Johan Djourou and Thomas Vermaelen all answered questions from the fans in a quickfire Q&A at the training ground.

If you missed the event, you can catch up now - watch all six video clips and read the full transcript below:


The Twitter Takeover starts in 10 mins, first up is Tomas Rosicky. Get your questions in NOW using the #ArsenalLive hashtag

joy ❀ ‏ @bekosofyou    @Arsenal #arsenallive what's your favorite animal and is it fluffy    

Tomas said: 'My parents had a dog so it is probably my favourite' #ArsenalLive 

Safwat. ‏ @SafwatAchmal    @Arsenal Who's the best player you've ever played AGAINST? #ArsenalLive    

Tomas said: 'Probably Zidane, I always admired him' #ArsenalLive  

Meika Pasondi ™ ‏ @realmeika    To Tomas Rosicky,What superhero power would you like to have? @Arsenal #ArsenalLive  

Tomas said: 'Probably Superman's because he could fly as well! I would like to try that' #ArsenalLive  

Stuart Fowkes ‏ @stuartfowkes    @arsenal #ArsenalLive is it true that Tomas is a big fan of death metal? What's his favourite band? 

Tomas said: 'It's not true! I like metal in general. But I am not just a metalhead - I like rock and classical stuff too' #ArsenalLive

harry blight ‏ @GoonerHB    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive who is the funniest in the team  

Tomas said: "We don't have one big clown, we have a few clowns. We have a good group and we have fun." #ArsenalLive   

Adam Arsenal ‏ @AdamArsenal    @Arsenal Tomas... What's your favourite ever Arsenal goal? #ArsenalLive   

Tomas said: 'That would definitely be the one against Tottenham. It was great and not just my goal, the whole game was amazing' #ArsenalLive  

seth wosmer ☼ ‏ @yumberbatch    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Are you afraid of the dark   

Tomas said: "That's a song by Iron Maiden. But I am not." #ArsenalLive  

starships ‏ @mrtsckr    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive do you like pie?  

Tomas said: 'I do like pie!' #ArsenalLive  

Loujane chamakh ‏ @spainarsenal    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive who do you look up to for inspiration at arsenal  

Tomas said: "It's a good question. Next!" #ArsenalLive  

Right, that’s Tomas finished, next we have Aaron Ramsey. You have five minutes to get your questions in using #ArsenalLive hashtag 

Tomas answering the fans' Twitter questions...

Fikri Wicaksana ‏ @fikri_wicak    @Arsenal aaron, what's your favorite movie #ArsenalLive

Aaron said: 'I like the Bourne films, I watch all of them' #ArsenalLive  

Mohammed ‏ @loveArsenal1    @Arsenal What is the one thing nobody knows about you, that you think is important. #ArsenalLive

Aaron said: "Maybe that I was a half decent rugby player. There's not many others." #ArsenalLive  

Alex Dellanzo ‏ @ADellanzo1    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Champions League or World Cup?

Ramsey in the hotseat...#ArsenalLive 

Aaron said: "I think Wales hasn't qualified for a long time, so that would be special to qualify. But I'd love the Champs Lg." #ArsenalLive  

Mark Crown ♬♂ ‏ @jhcollective    #ArsenalLive @Arsenal Aaron, are you a fan of Welsh Cakes?  

Aaron said: 'Yes, my mum used to cook some so I am a fan! They are really nice!' #ArsenalLive  

charlie london ‏ @charlielondon81    @Arsenal Aaron do you have a favourite cheese if so what is it  

Aaron said: "I am not a big cheese fan. I only like a bit of parmesan on my pasta." #ArsenalLive  

Sam Jeremiah ‏ @jezzapug    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Ronaldo or Messi? 

Aaron said: 'It has to be Messi, they are both great players but Messi is banging in the goals' #ArsenalLive

Simon Breeze ‏ @Simon_Breeze    @Arsenal Do you have any Pre-match rituals? #ArsenalLive 

Aaron said: "Not really. A few of the guys do, but I'm not one who needs to do that stuff." #ArsenalLive 

Stuart ‏ @Stuartphilippe    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive can you give us an insight into what wenger's like in the dressing room at half time?

Aaron said: 'He always encourages his players, always believes in us to carry on or come back into the game. He's positive' #ArsenalLive

@olivertuski    @Arsenal whats is your greatest fear when on the pitch #ArsenalLive 

Aaron said: "You don't have many on the pitch. Obviously no one wants to get injured. You just want to enjoy yourself." #ArsenalLive 

Right, that’s Aaron finished, next we have Mikel Arteta. You have five minutes to get your questions in using #ArsenalLive hashtag

Fiona See ‏ @fionally19    @Arsenal What's your favourite goal ever at Arsenal? #ArsenalLive          

Mikel said: 'My favourite goal is the one I scored at Blackburn. It was nicely finished' #ArsenalLive  

Next on the list... Mikel Arteta ‏   

Tania Rosari ‏ @taniarr    @Arsenal have you ever pulled a prank on any of your teammates? #ArsenalLive    

Mikel said: "Yes. Many times, mostly with Andre Santos." #ArsenalLive 

HICHAM ‏ @hichamrahma    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive what is your favorite stadium? 

Mikel said: "Now it is the Emirates, I love it. When i was younger, it was the Nou Camp." #ArsenalLive 

Adam Auld ‏ @aauld201    @Arsenal Mikel you've been at arsenal nearly a season now, how does it compare to Everton? #ArsenalLive 

Mikel said: 'It's a different kind of club, Arsenal plays in big competitions and it's great to be here' #ArsenalLive

Mitchell Game ‏ @MGGame89    @Arsenal Mikel, what is your secret to having perfect hair? #ArsenalLive 

Mikel said: "Just look after yourself, and a strong gel!" #ArsenalLive

Soma Roland ‏ @somaroland    #Arsenallive Mikel how could you be so good in passing ? @Arsenal

Mikel said: 'I thought I was bad! It's all about practice and having good players around you. They make you look good!' #ArsenalLive 

ed ‏ @edafcb    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive do you have a favourite tv show?    

Mikel said: "Entourage is one of them, it is quite funny. The InBetweeners is very funny, too." #ArsenalLive 

Matthew McCluskey ‏ @mattmccluskey    @Arsenal Mikel, do you feel you can still play for the Spanish national team one day? #ArsenalLive 

Mikel said: 'That's a tough question. I think it will be really hard, we have top quality players in midfield. It is my dream' #ArsenalLive

Tom Moxey ‏ @moxey25    @Arsenal Do you still catch up with Tim Cahill? Was great to see him as your best man at your wedding! #ArsenalLive        

Mikel said: "He is one of my best mates. He is always really supportive. I really respect and like him." #ArsenalLive 

Sultan Fayyaz ‏ @zayyaf90    @Arsenal Mikel, mixed emotions when you visit Everton next? #ArsenalLive     

Mikel said: 'A lot. It is going to be strange to be in the other changing room. Hopefully I can concentrate on my job' #ArsenalLive   

That is Mikel finished, next we have Lukasz Fabianski. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag    

syairah farhana☻ ‏ @syairahfarhana    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive Chicken, beef, pork or lamb?
Lukasz said: 'Beef! That's my favourite, medium done' #ArsenalLive 

radzman ‏ @radzman23    @Arsenal if you have the power to change the world,what would you do? #ArsenalLive    

Lukasz said: "I would do something about climate change, and poverty and stuff like that. Something good." #ArsenalLive   

Sophie ‏ @Sophie_crp    @Arsenal Lukasz, what is your secret to dance like that ? #ArsenalLive         

Lukasz said: 'Just feeling the vibe, feeling the music. It goes through your body, your blood is pumping!' #ArsenalLive  

Next up, it's Lukasz Fabianski...

Soukaina Mzaoui ‏ @Sweetchick_101    @Arsenal what player did you look up to as a kid? #ArsenalLive      

Lukasz said: "A goalkeeper from Italy, called Gianluca Pagliuca. He inspired me." #ArsenalLive 

Kitty Chan ‏ @07kittyC26    @Arsenal Do you think Poland has a chance in EURO12? #ArsenalLive     

Lukasz said: 'Yes, if we win the first game then I think we have a chance to go to the next round. It will be difficult' #ArsenalLive  

Nur Radhiyah Mocktar ‏ @radhiyah    @Arsenal what's your most memorable game with the team? #ArsenalLive  

Lukasz said: "It is probably against Liverpool at Anfield, when it was 4-4. It was a crazy game. It was one of my best games." #ArsenalLive 

Richard Appler ‏ @rappler    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive I'm from California and it's 4 am here. Would you like to come play a match for us over here? 

Lukasz said: 'Yes, why not? In the summer in pre-season, that would be something different. I have never been to the USA' #ArsenalLive  

xie jin ‏ @boboxies    @Arsenal #ArsenalLive what's your favorite food and drink?do you like Japanese food?;')    

Lukasz said: "I like Japanese food. I like sushi, and I also like Thai food. Japanese is one of my favourites." #ArsenalLive   

Right, that’s Lukasz finished, next we have Johan Djourou. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag     

The view from Arsenal's media centre at London Colney today   

Charles Paterson ‏ @Clockendgunner  Reply  Favorited · Open @Arsenal Who is the worst dancer in the dressing room? #ArsenalLive  

Johan said: 'I would say Jack Wilshere, but there are a few contenders!' #ArsenalLive   

Andriy Effendii ‏ @andriy_effendii    Johan, can you ever think about have a new style of your hair? @Arsenal #ArsenalLive       

Johan said: "Sometimes it comes into my mind. I change it quite a bit, I'm waiting for the next." #ArsenalLive  

Johan Djourou is the man in the chair...  

Hafeez Norizam ‏ @frankerism    @Arsenal Do you think you'll be a manager one day? #ArsenalLive  

Johan said: 'Good question! No, I don't think so - I will focus on something else after my career' #ArsenalLive  

AJ Afolabi ‏ @TheGentle0ne    @Arsenal #arsenallive where is your best holiday spot?

Johan said: "I went to the Seychelles and I really liked it. I like New York and Miami." #ArsenalLive  

Alex Wain ‏ @alexwain    Djourou - Who's been the hardest striker you've had to mark and why? #ArsenalLive     

Johan said: 'Drogba. The guy has so much power, he is a handful. He is a top striker' #ArsenalLive  

Niti Nirvan ‏ @nitinirvan    @Arsenal What type of music you listen to? What is your favorite band? #ArsenalLive       

Johan said: "I listen to a lot of hip-hop and RnB. I don't have a favourite band, I like the latest stuff." #ArsenalLive

Patrick Avenell ‏ @Patrickavenell    @Arsenal Do you prefer Swiss cheese or Swiss army knives? #ArsenalLive 

Johan said: 'Ha ha! I would choose Swiss cheese!' #ArsenalLive 

Rafał Rutkowski ‏ @DoublerPL    @Arsenal Do you (or other players) play video games? What games? :) #ArsenalLive 

Johan said: "A lot of players do, I am playing FIFA Street it is a good game. You can do lots of tricks." #ArsenalLive  

umaima ‏ @umadridista    @Arsenal what do you think about women football? #ArsenalLive 

Johan said: 'It's good, now we can see that women are becoming more athletic and stronger in football. The Ladies are good' #ArsenalLive 

Gabriel ‏ @Bosscielny    @Arsenal Djourou, do you take hair tips from Alex Song? #ArsenalLive 

Johan said: "The question should be the other way around! He took tips off me!" #ArsenalLive  

Alroy ‏ @_Alroy_    @Arsenal Djourou, how does it feel being a presenter of arsenal's insider #ArsenalLive   

Johan said: 'It's something I really enjoy, and it's good to catch up with the fans like that' #ArsenalLive   

Right, that’s Johan finished, last up have Thomas Vermaelen. You have five minutes to get your questions in using the #ArsenalLive hashtag       

sha szczha ♛ ‏ @agoonersdream    @Arsenal Thomas, Belgian chocolate or waffles? #ArsenalLive  

Thomas said: 'I would go for chocolate even though I can't eat it a lot' #ArsenalLive     

Swaid Khan ‏ @SlimSwaidy    Thomas - Who's the hardest striker you've had to face and how do you think you did against them? @Arsenal #ArsenalLive   
Thomas said: 'Messi. He's the best in the world and the result was not great, but it was a great experience' #ArsenalLive  

Last but not least, it's Thomas Vermaelen...  
Sam Connor ‏ @S_Connor1    @Arsenal if you didnt make it as a footballer what was your backup career ? #ArsenalLive 

Thomas said: "I don't know. Early I made a decision to play football but if not I would go into the medical department." #ArsenalLive 

Iain Culverhouse ‏ @UKVampire    #ArsenalLive @Arsenal Verminator!!!! What was it like scoring the winning goal on Monday??    

Thomas said: 'I think it was amazing. We fought really hard in that game and deserved to win it. It was a beautiful victory' #ArsenalLive   

Will Corden ‏ @WillCorden    @Arsenal Do you like being called 'The Verminator'? #ArsenalLive       

Thomas said: "I think its a nice nickname. It's quite funny. I quite happy with it." #ArsenalLive        

Harding ‏ @hardon82    @Arsenal Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge or cupboard? #ArsenalLive   

Thomas said: 'In the fridge because I want it nice and fresh!' #ArsenalLive   Matt  

David White ‏ @GoonerWhitey    #ArsenalLive Thomas - bar you who of course ;-) who is the toughest guy in the squad?  

Thomas said: "Physically, I would say Song. He is very strong. He is very tough. I could easily beat him in a fight!" #ArsenalLive   

Duce. ‏ @DucieM4    @Arsenal Thomas, If there's anything you love about England, what is it and why? #ArsenalLive  

Thomas said: 'If you look at the fans what I really like is that they are loyal and respectful. If you lose they support you' #ArsenalLive 

Arsenal's Twitter Takeover… is over! Thanks for all your questions - look out for video footage of today's event on Arsenal Player   

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27 Mar 2012