George Graham's side needed to beat Liverpool by two goals to take the title back to Highbury - a task most people thought was beyond them. Arsenal defied the odds though, taking the lead through Alan Smith's header before Michael Thomas wrote his name in Club folklore with that famous stoppage-time strike.

We asked Arsenal's fans to send in their memories of that famous night. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories - here's a selection of them.

Mark Herron
Where were you when Michael Thomas scored?...I was there. I'd taken the day off work and hired a car (a white XR2!) for the day. Really extravagant but I got a good deal from the lads who leased our vans.

Myself and Lanky Dave left with what we thought was plenty of time to get there. We didn't have tickets but we just thought we'd have to get there and see what happened then. I don't really know why Dave wanted to come; He was a Derby County supporter but he liked a pint and was always good company. We got caught up in the traffic on the motorway. I used to be a van driver back then, doing deliveries all over the country - so I thought i'd be clever and take a detour. I didn't have a map, it was all instinct. I instinctively got us lost and we arrived at an Anfield which was eerily quiet and empty outside.

We could hear the noise of the game from inside the stadium and were getting cross that we'd gone all this way just to miss it. We had no idea the kick off had been delayed. That's when a young lad asked if we were looking for tickets, I told him we were and he brought them out of his jacket pocket. We did some negotiating downwards, as the game had already kicked off and eventually, "£20 each" he said, confirming that they were for the Arsenal end. I handed over the money and he was off at a run, heading down towards the terraced houses. I turned the tickets over and my heart sank. They were Kop end! In for a penny...

We stood about half way up the Kop, 10 metres from the exit just in case and tried not to speak. Lanky Dave was ok, he was northern sounding but I knew I sounded Cockney to them even though I'm from Borehamwood so I said nothing, just nodding and smiling at my neighbours. Smudger scores! I jumped but styled it out nicely into a 180 turn, as the attention was drawn to a small group of younger lads who were sitting up on the dividing wall/barrier and had cheered as the goal went in. There were some vocal threats and lots of muttering but nobody was hurt. However I realised I would have to behave.

The last moments of the game are a blur. I remember jumping into the air but can't recall my feet hitting the floor until about three steps from the top in the exit staircase. As I'd launched into a celebratory "YEEEESSS!"

Mark Herron

I'm 6'3", Lanky Dave was taller, his nickname wasn't ironic. I doubted we would score the second one to win the title. to be honest I just assumed Liverpool would get an equaliser. A win for us was a good thing though and if we could hang on, it showed we could beat them at their place and weren't there to make the numbers up. As the game went on, Liverpool seemed more nervous and we were in the driving seat. We still couldn't do it though, I had convinced myself of that so I wouldn't be too disappointed. The last moments of the game are a blur. I remember jumping into the air but can't recall my feet hitting the floor until about three steps from the top in the exit staircase. As I'd launched into a celebratory "YEEEESSS!" Lanky Dave had grabbed and shoved me along the row and out.

I don't think i'd ever ran so fast. We found the car eventually after a few wrong streets and got in, locking the doors behind us. It was at a set of lights on the main road out of the city that it started to sink in. A van pulled up alongside and the horn was tooting madly - I looked around to see a load of gooners inside, their party started and the van rocking; I didn't realise that Dave was waving my scarf at every vehicle we'd passed - It was brilliant. We stopped off for a pint somewhere off the motorway, not far out of liverpool but somewhere I thought would be far enough away. As I was locking the car, I saw Lanky Dave was just about to walk into the pub with my Arsenal scarf tied around his forehead. I tried to call him back but he ignored me. As i ran through the door, expecting carnage, I was struck by how quiet the pub was. Everyone was looking at Dave.

"Two pints of Best please landlord." said Dave. As he started to pour, the barman asked, "been to the match then, lads?", "yes, yes we have" I said, fearful now it was about to kick off in there, "nice one - this is a blue pub. These are on me!".

I had that one and no more, as I was driving. However I was in my local at opening time Saturday morning and I don't remember the weekend at all. I didn't get back to work until the Tuesday. I had to wait until months later before I could say I'd watched all of the game. A DJ in Tenerife was a Gooner and had videod the match. Brahms & Lizt was the bar. We annoyed most of the bar the night he played it through from start to finish. There were a few norwegian Gooners in and we all watched and cheered it together, as if it was happening for the first time. At the end, we were jumping around, singing and hugging each other. We were very, very drunk.

Friday May 26th 1989. At Anfield.
It was a fantastic night.
An unforgettable night.
It was the best night of my life.

Lou Walsh
It took us six hours to travel up to Anfield from Harrow that day. We went up in my friends car Ian Williams. We left at two o'clock because we both had to go to work first. The traffic was horrendous By about halfway we thought we were going to miss the kick-off and we had to pick up our tickets up there from Ian's friend Alex.

There were not many people with mobile phones in those days and we did not have one. Crawling along the motorway alongside of us Ian noticed a man on his moble phone. He asked this man if he could use his mobile and he said yes (What a great bloke). Ian had Alex's home phone number on him so he jumped out of his car and I took over the driving and he jumped into this blokes car to use his phone.With the traffic speeding up and slowing down I soon lost sight of the other car. It must hve been at least twenty minutes when Ian suddenly appeared alongside his car tapping on the rear window just as I was speeding up again. I thought I had lost him for the rest of the day.

He jumped in and told me he had to wait for Alex to phone him back because Alex had to arrange somewhere to drop off the tickets.He arranged to leave them behind the bar at the Arkle near the ground. We had to use the password 'The Fruit and Veg Man' to retrieve the tickets. As you know the kick-off was delayed for fifteen minutes. We got to the ground ten minutes before kick-off. I went to get the tickets whilst Ian found somewhere to park.

I could not get into the pub because all the doors were locked and nobody would answer my knocking. Eventually somebody came out and I was able to get in and thankfully get the tickets. We got to our seats just as they kicked off. Thanks to the man on the motorway (Whoever he was) What a day What a night. 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute I will never never forget that night. I hope you read this Ian.

The way Thomas seemed to be in slow motion as he burst through to fire the ball into the net. The noise was incredible, celebrating in the ground I sang myself hoarse.

Stuart Holloway

Stuart Holloway 
I was actually at Anfield. The coach arrived five minutes late so I got in the ground just as Steve Bould's header was cleared off the line. The passion of the night and the way we all sang our hearts out sticks in my memory. The way Thomas seemed to be in slow motion as he burst through to fire the ball into the net. The noise was incredible celebrating in the ground I sang myself hoarse. Then walking to the coach afterwards and being told well done by some sporting Liverpool fans. We all fell asleep on the way home but somehow 5 minutes from Highbury we all woke up and started singing and then joined in the party around the ground. My parents and my whole street heard me as I arrived home at around 7 in the morning as I was singing all the way. 

I am a Liverpool fan and was at home watching the TV and all my mates who are Arsenal mad were down the local pub 'The Pheonix' in Harlow. I was getting ready to phone them to give them a bit of stick when Thomas scored that goal! all of a sudden my phone rang and I could not pick it up as I was on the floor of the living room in total shock. My wife told me to go down the pub and face the music I walked into the pub and was met all my mates with them all singing and dancing and although i was devestated we had a great night and got a 'lock in' the pub until 5 in the morning and by the end of the night/morning I had recovered and was out of the shock i had accured several hours earlier.  But looking back at the match -  what more could you ask for on a memerable night of football.

Mohamed Malash
I had moved to Egypt. No satelite tv no internet and international phones were in hotels. So I had to rely on the Radio and unfortuantely no news till 12:45am 27/5/89 Cairo time. The BBC world service sports roundup headline was 'The League title has been decided in the last minute of the last match of the season' then to my horror he continued with the other headlines. Well the suffering was soon over and although nobody knew anything about English football at the time I made sure the streets of Cairo got some excessive horns and scarf waving till the early hours of the morning.

Kirk Adams
On that wonderful night in May 20 years ago I went out with my Dad a fellow Gooner to our local club to watch the game with about 100 Liverpool fans. When Michael Thomas scored that goal both my Dad and I were dancing on a table under the television singing to a shell shocked bunch of scousers priceless!!!

I was sat at home baby sitting my two young children. When Michael scored i was jumping around the room i had just calmed down when the final whistle went this led me into a wild celebration but then i spent the next Half an Hour settling my children back to sleep. But it was worth every minute.

Oladimeji Francis
It was 25 days to my birth and that is my primary reason for supporting arsenal i.e i was born in the year when arsenal won the title in an incredible fashion.

Phil Gordon
I remember the night well for two reasons firstly because it was a great victory and secondly I was on my honeymoon (I had been married a week). After a little persuasion my wife relented and we watched the game in The Admiral Beno Inn on the Greek Island of Skiathoswith plenty of Gin & Tonic. What a night what a result and the football was pretty exciting!!! 

Rex Darby
They say when you have an accident everything goes into slow motion - well from the moment Micky ran on to the ball I was able to clearly think 'Oh no - why is it him. We could have won this'. Then the ball was in the net and I was desperately trying to look for the ref to confirm the goal. Re-runs show it was about 2 seconds but to me it was a lifetime ! My family tell me that I then opened our front sash window and stood on the window sill endlessly screaming 'Arsenal - Arsenal' down our street - Larden Road Acton W3. Just writing this now brings tears to my eyes and I am a 60 year old man !!

My family tell me that I then opened our front sash window and stood on the window sill endlessly screaming 'Arsenal - Arsenal' down our street.

Rex Darby

Dwayne Bingham
Michael Thomas' goal was a defining moment in defining my love for Arsenal and cementing me as an Arsenal fan. I was around 11 at the time and considered myself an arsenal fan but coming from a household that wasn't full of football fans I wasn't as engulfed in football as some of my friends at school. It was my local team and that was enough to start supporting them.

I knew the names of a few players but didn't 'know' the team inside out. On this particular night of the game I was in the local youth club (called lions boys club) and apart from the usual high jinks an 11 year old gets up to some of the bigger boys went upstairs to watch the game on the big tv. I followed and proceeded to watch the game with them. Fascinated by their conversations about who was rubbish who was great what a great pass that was my mind was like a sponge taking in everything. I particularly remember one of the older boys commenting on John Lukic's stance and technique before kicking the ball out. The pressure the atmosphere everything about this game captivated me. I was really drawn in as a true football fan. Unfortunately my curfew was up and I had to go home. I so wanted to stay I so wanted to listen to the older boy conversations about Lukic Smith et al but i had to go.

I ran home as fast as I could (it was a lot safer in those days) and when I got home my mum was watching the game on tv. Even my mum was into it? Where had this intense football feeling been all my life? It was from this moment at home that I started to show off and repeat the bigger boy comments about the game pretending like I was a fan in the know and correcting my mum for getting names wrong and explaining to her the importance of the need to score once more. When time was running down and the chance of the elusive 2nd goal was slipping away my mum was congratulating arsenal on putting in a good effort and that maybe next year they might win something.

The intensity was so high I was half blocking out what she was saying. But then the moment came the move seemed to happen so quickly and in a flash Mickey Thomas was through on goal. Could this be it? Come on Thomas!! Yesss!!!! Goal!!! Mummy mummy! We did it! My screams must have disturbed the neighbours but I didn't care arsenal did it. My Arsenal did it!! We were the champions. I love football I love Arsenal I love Michael Thomas I want to be an Arsenal player and score like that (steady). All be it I was at home in the living room with my mum when Michael Thomas scored. But I really can look back at it being one of the defining moments in making me an Arsenal fan. I had never been to a match I had probably never sat through 90 mins of an Arsenal game on tv. But that moment changed everything.

John Cove
In the days Milton Keynes didn't have the country's most successful theatre outside London I was part of a team that had to run a big top with the Royal Ballet's performance of   'La fille mal Garde' I was front of house and made it clear at my unhappiness at having to be there. However after the interval my boss took pity on me and I raced home to catch the second half. In what now seems a reenactment of the scene from Fever Pitch I writhed on the floor screaming and shouting when Thomas scored sending my 6 year-old up the stairs absolutely petrified. He's a Gooner too though! Good times 

My screams must have disturbed the neighbours but I didn't care. Arsenal did it. My Arsenal did it!! We were the champions.

Dwayne Bingham

Tony Abraham
I was watching the game around my mum's house with a Spurs supporter.  I was getting ribbed all evening but Michael Thomas came up with the goods with the dramatic goal.  I jumped up so high when the ball hit the back net I nearly hit the ceiling!  My mum thought I had had a fit as I was rolling around on the floor celebrating!!  Needless to say I had the last laugh with my Spurs supporting mate - he was pretty quiet for the rest of the evening - I wasn't!!! 

Lynn Clewley
I was at home with a couple with a friend who wanted Liverpool to win not because she liked them but she doesn't like us!  Somewhere in me there was a feeling that we were going to do it - I didn't have a clue why I felt that way but the minute the lads ran out with the flowers to give to fans for remembrance of Hillsborough I just knew this was THE NIGHT.  I remember being more nervous when Smudger scored but elated at the same time and then ......everything seemed to stop time my heart beat when 'it's up for grabs now' -those immortal words were said. THANK YOU LADS - I LOVE ARSENAL F.C. AND ALWAYS WILL. (can't wait for next season)

George Williams 
I was watching the game on T.V.because it was not long befor my wife had a baby.Her aunty came up and she said she will never come up again when Arsenal are on T.V. I just went mad as the ball hit the net.and i had my family ringing me up saying well done all night.and i lost my voice for 2 days

David Blake 
I swear I remember it. I was just 2 years old and the tv was on in the living room. I have an image in my head of Thomas scoring and being surprised at seeing so many people jumping on each other! If only I had been old enough to really understand what it meant! 

Michael Blumire 
I was attending a management conference in Melbourne Australia. The 25th May is my birthday so was out celebrating that night still managed to get up at 4am to watch the game live on TV unfortunately by myself. However when Michael Thomas scored I made enough noise people were asking at breakfast where was the party this morning the reply was it was Michael watching the football. Great memories. 

I was seven years old. My father was watching it on the television at home in Barnet with a friend of his. When Thomas scored the goal they were jumping up and down on the couch. It was the first memory I have of a fit of joy related to football. Amazing. 

Alan Pope 
I had moved up to Liverpool from Walthamstow in 1987... married to a scouser  and working in the Post Office following transfer from Whitechapel  I had been promised a ticket from a workmate but it didn't materialise.. so iIsettled down in front of the television on that momentous night glued to every moment of the game.. as the improbable became possible  like thousands of us I couldnt take my eyes off the screen.

I let out the loudest sound that had ever came out of me and danced with abandon around the front room.

Alan Pope

My wife was pottering around in the kitchen and whilst she claimed not to be a fan of Liverpool (we had watched the gooners from the Kop before now) she wasnt paying much attention to the game.. our son who was 10 months old  was ineed of some attention so i took him and was holding him when Michael Thomas wrote his name in our hearts forever at that moment i let out the loudest sound that had ever came out of me and danced with abandon around the front room... Jack was stil in my arms and didnt quite share my joy and began crying.. at this my wife came in and shot me a withering glance a she took him outside.. I followed her and  accused her of not being able to conceded her hurt as  a liverpool fan which she continued to deny... Anyway now she is a Red member and duly paid up gooner.. we were at Goodison when Rooney scored and ended our run and her tears that afternoon spoke volumes.

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26 May 2009