Chuks Aneke is enjoying a strong season at Arsenal after making a big splash in the Reserve League and coming on as a substitute in the Carling Cup.

The 18-year-old sat down for an exclusive interview with Arsenal Player during the international break and you can watch that clip by clicking on the link to the right.

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It's been a difficult period of results for the team - can you put your finger on why?
To be honest I haven't really got an answer. We've got a lot of good players around the Club and a lot of quality so we should be winning games. For some reason it's not going like that at the moment but I'm pretty sure that soon we will bounce back and start winning some games.

What's the mood been like at the training ground?
I haven't really noticed a change to be honest - I think people are optimistic and looking forward to the next game. Obviously there is an international break at the moment and people are away but it's not really any different.

How impressed have you been by the youngsters like Emmanuel Frimpong?
Speaking to them they have done well to get into the first team and obviously they want to push on now and help the team win games. All of us want to strive to get into the first team and obviously they have got there. They just want to do the best for the badge and do well for the team.

Talk us through the early-season form of the Reserve team.

We have a lot of good players in our Reserve team and because we have been together for quite a long time now we get used to how each other plays. We have a good bunch at the moment. We have had a good start - undefeated - so yes, it's a good time for us.

Who are the newer faces in the team, perhaps those that have broken through from the Under-18s?
Every year there is a new bunch - obviously I was the new face last year. They are good players - everybody at Arsenal is. They come in, they do well and a lot of them are due to do it again this year.

Who should we be looking out for from this Reserve team?

There are a lot of players to look out for. People like Zak Ansah and Jeffrey Monakana, there are a lot of talented players there.

What have you made of Ryo so far - how is he adjusting to the English game?

It is hard of course but he is a very good player. He is very quick and has a lot to offer the team. We saw the other day that he got an assist [for the Reserves] and he is a very good player. His English has developed since he first came and he is a good lad. He is doing well.

Talk us through your Carling Cup debut.
It was a good experience to come off the bench at the Emirates. Obviously I had hoped for a bit longer on the pitch but it didn't quite work out. It was a very good experience to play in front of that crowd and see how the first team works.

What does it do to your motivation once you've played in that first team?
When I came back I found that I was very motivated. It was my first experience being in and around it and after I got home I realised it was a big achievement. I want to push on now and show the fans and boss how good I really am.

Did any of the senior players take you aside before the game and offer some words of encouragement?

No, not really, it wasn't really like that. The Shrewsbury team was quite young itself so everybody was in the same position.

So what's next for Chuks Aneke? Jack Wilshere benefited from his loan spell, Emmanuel Frimpong hasn't been on loan. What will happen for you?
Personally I haven't really got a preference. I just want to start playing some regular games and if that means going out on loan to get them then I am ready for that. I don't think playing for Arsenal regularly is a viable option at the moment.

What would you like to have achieved by the end of this season?
Basically I just want to play games. I am at my happiest when I'm playing football and I just want to show people how good I am. I have been playing football for a long time and that is really just my aim now.

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11 Oct 2011