Messages of support have flooded in for Eduardo since asked fans to offer their words of encouragment to the Croatian international as he begins his long recovery from a broken leg.

An incredible total of 26,597 messages from all across the world and we'd like to thank everything who took the time to e-mail us. will collate the messages, put them into a book and give them to Eduardo.

Here's a selection of the e-mails we have received...


"I run an Under-11s boys football team in Writtle, Essex. At the end of last season one of our boys suffered a similar injury (unusual for a boy that age, I am told). Within three months he was back training and hasn't missed a game or training session this season. He has gone on to improve his game also. I hope this will inspire Eduardo to come back stronger, and from all at Writtle Minors we wish him a speedy recovery, we need players like him as a role model for a future stars" - Damian Moynihan


"Come back soon gorgeous! Fitter, stronger, faster, and even more gorgeous than before, if that's possible. We all think you are fantastic and look forward to your speedy return! All my love and support" - Cecily Sharp, Lichfield


"So pleased you are out of hospital and hopefully back in familiar surroundings with your friends and team mates. I send you all the best wishes for a speedy recovery and all the Australian Gunners supporters look forward to seeing you on the pitch again soon. We will miss your exciting, goal scoring potential you have demonstrated since joining Arsenal but we will be patient whilst you recover and return better than ever. Good luck mate!" - Philip Beckett


"Get well soon Eduardo. Make sure you are fully recovered before you come back because it is worth it in the end. Keep your spirits up, you can do it!" - Sara


"Hope you are back to your awesome best very soon because it is terrible to see such a great talent on the sidelines" - Lee Morris, Newhaven


"I am so sorry about your injury. You are already a true Gooner and I wish you the most speedy recovery possible. I am a medical doctor and I am always amazed by how people can and do bounce back from the most terrible illnesses and injuries - I am sure you will do the same. Best Wishes" - Dr Matthew Johnson


"I felt really sick to my stomach when I saw your injury last Saturday and I know you will recover and get back to playing with the team again. My thoughts are with you and I wish you a speedy and full recovery" - Mavis Jones, Kent


"Eduardo, I have been an Arsenal supporter for nearly 70 of my 75 years. Over those years I have seen some horrendous injuries incurred by various players but have also seen the vast majority of those players make a full recovery and come back to be again at the top of their game. You have the support of a wonderful club. I look forward to seeing you, in the not too distant future, back gracing the Arsenal shirt with your undoubted skills. I wish you well" - Roy A Wilson, Australia


"I saw the match on local TV here in Belgium. I'm a big fan of you and Arsenal. I can't wait to see you back on the pitch and I will be sure that I cheer for you when that time comes. Hope you will come back even stronger than before!" - Davy Legrand, Belgium


"You will be sadly missed over the coming months. I feel you were just beginning to find your feet with the speed of the English game. I have faith in you to make a speedy recovery and look forward to you once again wearing the proud shirt of Arsenal. All the best" - Anthony Adams, Swindon


"Wishing you a speedy recovery. It's going to be tough on the sidelines, seeing your team-mates playing genuine and good football. Just chill, have faith and stay positive. Looking forward to seeing you again impressing us with your brilliant goal scoring ability and talent" - Chibuogwu, Nigeria


"Wishing you a speedy and 100 per cent recovery, Dudu. It's going to be tough on the sideline and see your team-mates playing genuine football. Just hang in there, have faith and stay positive. We're looking forward to seeing you again in the Arsenal shirt and impressing us with your brilliant goal scoring ability and talent" - Bevan & Isaac Rossouw, Cape Town. South Africa


Hey Eduardo. Recovery is as fast as ones strength. Be strong, believe you can go back to the line-up and that will take you there sooner rather than later. Otherwise in every business there is a risk, when it hits us, we learn the lesson, rise up and move on. I do believe you are strong enough to follow suit" - Frazier K, Kenya


"Ouch! I'll bet that hurt. I'm sorry that happened to you. Please God you will come back fitter and stronger than ever. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery" - Debbie, Surrey


"Words cannot describe how sad I was for you when I heard the news about your injury. But, I have no doubt that you will be back in an Arsenal shirt very soon. Be strong, you are in safe hands - God be with you" - Della, London


"I have been deeply affected by the horrible injury you suffered. It was so incredibly unfortunate and such a sad end to a season that promised so much. All I can wish for is that you will be back next season to help the team defend the title! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery" - Seth Singh Jennings, London


"Dudu, keep strong and remain positive. Don't ever forget you play for the greatest football club in the world. You are part of the Arsenal 'family' now and will be in all our thoughts and prayers" - Sean, Bishop's Stortford


"Keep your spirits up Eduardo and your silky skills will once again grace the field of play and fill our footballing hearts with joy. As some old Irish sayings go to help you on your journey to recovery; 'The craft comes from the head. Will is stronger than understanding. Unity is strength.' You will be back" - Sean Clancy, Carraroe, County Galway


"Eduardo. My family's thoughts are with you at this trying time. We wish you a full and speedy recovery and look forward to watching your magic again at the Emirates in the near future. Take care and God bless" - Debbie, Adam, Len and Doris, London


"Hi Eduardo. Sometimes it is life's challenges that take us from being good to great. I believe you're destined for amazing things by the end of the year. Stay strong and always know the Gunners' heart is with you. You're in our prayers. All the best" - Kevin


"I am 50-year-old West Ham United supporter and broke my leg like you when I was 28. I recovered with lots of physio and hard work and I am still running 15 miles a week! Good luck, I am sure Arsenal will look after you very well. I wish you a very speedy recovery, keep positive and you will be back to your best" - Geoff Cousens, Herts


"I watched the match on Saturday. It was a horrific injury and I wish you a speedy and full recovery. You are a wonderful player to watch and I will miss watching you in the Summer. I look forward to your return and assisting Arsenal to gain many more trophies" - Colin Emsley, Weston super Mare


"We all felt your pain on Saturday and were totally gutted for you. We wish you a speedy, pain-free recovery and a welcome return to the pitch later this year. Do as the physios say and do all your exercises!" - Eunice Wilson


"As a young, strong athlete you will come back stronger than ever. Everyone in football is behind, Arsenal, neutral or foe as well as every sportsman at every level. You have world class support and they will get back to where you were and beyond. Good Luck" - Phil Simmons


"Hey Eduardo. Words can't express how I felt when Fabregas held his hands to his head on seeing you. The Lord Jesus will see you through this terrible recovery period. I'm sure you'll be rewarded with the Premiership trophy. " Josephus Choe, Sierra Leone


"Hello Eduardo. Keep smiling. I cannot wait to see you playing next season, winning the double and showing the rest of the Premiership what a brilliant player you are again" - Alison Griffiss, Swindon


"Thinking of you after your injury at the weekend. Be patient, listen to the medics and the Club staff - you are in the best hands. The Club and the fans are waiting for your return when you are good and ready" - Andy


"I was at St Andrew's on Saturday and was absolutely gutted to see you injured. You're a fantastic player and I am sure you will be able to overcome the injury and return to where you belong, playing top football with Arsenal. Stay strong" - Steven Beth, North London


"A true athlete rises from setbacks and returns as stronger as ever and I am confident that you will be able to do so. You have been an inspiration to me. I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you Eduardo!" - Yusoff, Singapore


"Dudu, we will miss your magic at Emirates for the rest of the season! We loved the fact you joined our Arsenal where we've watched you playing and scoring. We were also at Wembley when you played for Croatia. We hope you make a full recovery very soon and come back to score again for both of your teams!" - Ivan and Predrag Fabijanic, London


"Hello Eduardo, I want to wish you a speedy recovery! I look forward to seeing you again in the Arsenal shirt and impressing us with your brilliant talent, as you have done since you arrived at Arsenal" - Ståle Wiborg, Norway


"Words cannot describe how sad I was for you when I heard the news about your injury, but I have no doubt that you will be back in an Arsenal shirt very soon, and causing havoc in opposition defences. While you are recovering please remember that we are all thinking of you and wishing you well for a speedy recovery" - Warren, Sevenoaks


"As a pub team player on a Sunday morning you could see how everyone who plays are our level was affected by your injury this week. What was universal was how unfortunate you have been and how, no matter what team people followed, they all were wishing for a safe and complete recovery. Good luck Eduardo. I have always been impressed by you on the pitch and am already being impressed by you on road to recovery" - Ralph Loveridge


"You must be strong. The fans are behind you, the neutrals are behind you and even your opponents want to see you back on the field soon. Don't rush your comeback - in time, you'll be back. We believe! Best Regards" - Leon, Singapore


"Someone said to me the night before your birthday, "Do you think Eduardo will be back in the future?" Without hesitation I said, "He will come back playing for Arsenal and the day he steps back on to the pitch I will have a huge smile on my face!" Just wanted you to know that I believe you can overcome this. The incident is in the past and the images we saw want to be put to the back of our minds for your sake and the clubs sake so you can come back stronger! Hope you're back on track soon" - Rebecca Leigh, Pontefract


"Hope you can overcome this sickening injury, you're a brilliant player and as an Arsenal fan, I would love to see you play again in the future. Take care" - Emma Morris, Rotherham.


"Be brave and stay positive and before you know you'll be playing blinding football again! We're all behind you 100 per cent. I'm sorry you have to go through this but it'll make you stronger and will be character building. You're young and still have a good future at Arsenal. We all love you so stay strong!" - Julie, London


"I was at the game- visiting from Tokyo. I could not see the incident well and did not know the extent of its seriousness until I saw it on TV. Now back in Japan I and my co-supporters here are equally heartened by your calm and positive comments; I feel we are yet to see your full potential in the Gunners' shirt, so we are looking forward to seeing you come back stronger!" - Mika, Tokyo

"Hello Eduardo. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday & a speedy recovery! I also want to tell you that I play football too and I scored a goal yesterday and I devoted the goal to you! I know that you we will be back to score beautiful goals like you did! Arsenal will win the Premier League & Champions League for you! Greetings from Rotterdam. ARSENAL 4EVER! Best wishes from me and also from all of my friends from my native Macedonia!"- Vladimir Tanaskoski


"We're so looking forward to seeing you back in an Arsenal shirt! Keep smiling, we are with you all of the way. We know you'll come back stronger for it" - Jo & Jon, Epsom


"I hope you make a full and speedy recovery. You are a world class striker who will be sorely missed and I look forward to the day when you are banging in the goals again. Best wishes Dudu" - Daniel Brown, Enfield


"I was genuinly excited when you signed for Arsenal and I am looking forward to your return. Everyone is behind you so keep your chin up and you will be back scoring wonder goals soon" - Martin, Bracknell


"It isn't always easy, but when you're not feeling well, I hope it helps to know others are thinking of you and hoping that you'll be better very soon. Take good care of yourself Eduardo and remember your now part of the Arsenal family and we are all here for you" - Lee Bostock, Surrey


"All the best Eduardo. I hope you recover quickly and do what you do best. Remain positive" - Zena Tailor, London


"This last weekend I have thought about nothing but the injury sustained by you. Therefore it came as a real joy this morning when I heard that you could be running again in six months and playing again before Christmas. Keep strong mate, Arsenal is thinking of you and hoping you have a very speedy recovery. Come on you Reds!" - Richard Allen, Kent


"You came to Arsenal five months ago. We had never heard of you then but you were nothing short of outstanding for Arsenal this season. You are our HERO. All Arsenal fans will be waiting to see you back on the pitch and praying for you. We wish you all the best. Get well soon mate" - Leo, India


"I want to send you my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Keep up with the positive thinking, and if you are feeling down, just remember how loved you are across the world. You will come back to us stronger, I know it ! See you soon at Emirates" - Celine Begley, Ireland


"Eduardo, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to seeing you back in your Arsenal strip again. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery" - Campbell & Ann Finnie, Galway, Ireland


"Hi Eduardo. I am a Manchester United fan and am truly saddened by your injury. Get better soon. I will miss not having you at Old Trafford in a couple of weeks as I love seeing the best players there. You are one of them" - Dom, Manchester


"Dudu, I'll miss your goals and skills but I know you'll be back better than ever. Best wishes!" - Slaven Kontic, Bosnia & Herzegovina


"Hey Eduardo. All I can say is that you are world class and that I hope to see you play for Arsenal again, hopefully this year if not next year. Keep believing that you can play again and I am sure you will. I will pray for your speedy recovery.Get well soon" - Jeremy Lobo, India


"I really hope you get well soon. Everyone, I'm sure, will be missing your fantastic football skills on the pitch and can't wait until you get back scoring for us again! We're all behind you. Keep positive!" - Hannah Wright, Hertfordshire


"Hi Eduardo. We hope and pray you have a speedy recovery and that you are back in your number 9 shirt soon. Please stay positive as this will help your recovery and remember to stick to your healthy diet while you're away. Take care, God Bless" - Phil Gayle


"All best wishes for a rapid recovery and a return to the pitch. It will seem like no time until Cesc is playing you through again. Whether for Croatia or Arsenal, you are the personification of "the beautiful game". Godspeed, my friend" - Don Adam, St. Louis, Missouri, USA


"Eduardo, you are one of the best strikers Arsenal has ever had and I am truly devestated by your injury. I was watching the game in Australia and when I saw your team mates' facial expressions I knew something bad had happened to a great player. I wish you all the best on a speedy recovery. I can't wait when you come back to play again, I'm sure it will be soon. Go the Gunners!" - Gianni Zollo, Australia


"Eduardo, I absolutely love watching you play and scoring goals, you are a true inspiration. I hope that your recovery goes well and is completed quickly. Can't wait to see you back on the pitch scoring goals for us. Best Of Luck!" - James Olavesen, Australia


"Rest well. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be back for Arsenal. Smile because there is a whole population of people who are sending you their love. Take each step slowly and NEVER give up. I will always believe in you. I hope come May, you will have the joy Robert Pires once had - he also came back from his injury better than ever!" - Cheyenne Lu, Singapore


"We are all looking forward to seeing you released from hospital and pray that one day in the not too distant future we will see you haring around the pitch scoring fantastic goals in the glorious colours of Arsenal." - Greg Nichols, Gloucestershire


"Dear Eduardo, come back soon. We won't give up on you! Stay strong and God bless you." - Jani Sivendoinen, Finland


"Eduardo, you are a special player and we all love to watch you. Wishing you lots and lots of luck for a good and speedy recovery. We are all thinking of you and will miss you in the coming months." - Samantha Hicks, Berkhamsted


"I wish you the best road to recovery possible with your friends and family around to support you. You must know that every Arsenal and football fan is behind you and wishes to see you in a football jersey again in the future." - Samuel Tihon, Belgium


"Keep your chin up and remember when you're feeling low we're all thinking about you. Once you're in the Arsenal family you're in for life. Can't wait for your first goal when you're back playing for us." - Kevin Hills, Kent


"Eduardo, you're a fantastic player, a great finisher and an all-around class footballer. Everyone is behind you and rooting for you and I can imagine the roar of the crowd when you step back onto the pitch at the Emirates. All the best Eduardo!" - Mark Tan, Singapore


"Hello Eduardo! I hope you recover fast and become the same great player you've been over the last few years! It was awful to see you in great pain on Saturday. You've done a great job for Arsenal, and the team needs a player like you." - Roar Johansen, Norway


"Be strong, remain positive and remember in times of pain how truly special you are." - Nella Mereu, Aldershot


"It is a cruel way for someone of your talents and endeavour to be forced from our team, as well as the loss that Croatia will feel this summer. Keep the faith and there is every chance you can come back just like Henrik Larsson, Djibril Cisse and Abou Diaby." - Rehan Ashraf, East Ham, London


"Please god you make a quick recovery, you're gonna be needed as you and the rest of the lads are the next generation of great Arsenal players." - Linda and John Roche, Co. Dublin, Eire


"What has happened is just awful and I think you are one of the players who do not deserve it." - Adam, Sweden


"I wish to see you kick the ball and score again. I pray!" - Eyosias, Ethiopia


"I am a diehard Arsenal fan and was watching the game when you got injured. I knew something was terribly wrong by the look on Fabregas' face... I wish you a speedy recovery and I am sure your team-mates are more determined than ever now to win the league for you." - Akil Jelani, Trinidad & Tobago


"Keep your chin up, lad. You'll be back and you'll be so busy building your leg back up, the time will fly. Your injury affected a lot of people in Britain and every last one of them, whichever club they support, is right behind you. I look forward to watching your return." - Thom Mills, York


"I am with you until you come back! Your injury caused pain but hope the Lord may help you recover as soon as possible. You mercy with Taylor shows how great your soul is and how big your personality is." - Robert Makuta, Kigali, Rwanda


"I pray to God to give you mental and physical strength to overcome the pain and trauma to make you quickly come back to play the beautiful football Arsenal play." - Seyed Mahmood, Hong Kong


"Get well soon mate! All my thoughts are with you. I am sure you will overcome this injury and prove to all of us the fighter that you are. Hope to see you soon playing for the Arsenal." - 
Aditya Dhingra, Mumbai, India


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29 Feb 2008