It's been a year of ups and downs at Arsenal and our Club photographers have been with the squad every step of the way.

Now 2012 is drawing to a close they have revealed their 10 most memorable pictures from the past 12 months.

Scroll down this page for the final five images with comments from Stuart Macfarlane and David Price.

1. North London derby delight
Stuart says: “This was shot on a remote camera that I set up in front of the bench before the match. It captures the moment Robin van Persie scores our second goal to get us back into the match. There are so many different expressions and reactions in this picture and shows how much the derby match means to the players and staff.”


The bench celebrate our equaliser against Tottenham

2. Jack Wilshere's first goal back
David says: “I’ve chosen this picture because of the expression of sheer joy on Jack’s face. He’s clearly very happy to have scored his first goal after coming back from injury. I guess there might have been times when he couldn’t imagine he’d have the chance to do this again, but all his hard work in the gym and with the physio paid off and his past frustration is being let out in this moment. Either that or he just likes scoring goals!”


Jack Wilshere celebrates his first goal back

3. Thierry Henry's fairytale return
Stuart says: “I love this picture of Thierry, his face just shows how much the goal ment to him. He told me afterwards that he didn’t know what to do after he scored so he just went crazy like any other fan would.”


Thierry Henry celebrates his goal against Leeds

4. Per Mertesacker celebrates his goal against Tottenham
David says: "I just like the way Per is really enjoying this moment. As well as being the goal that got us back on track, he also knows how much it means for the fans. You can see how pumped up he is and that feeling clearly carried through the team because they blew Tottenham away for the rest of the half. In a way it was a shame when the referee blew for half time. I think we could have scored even more if we had another five minutes to play in the first half.”


Per Mertesacker celebrates his goal against Tottenham

5. Pre-Charity Ball photoshoot
Stuart says: “Sometimes it’s great to take the players out of their football environment and shoot them somewhere a little bit different. This was taken in a residential street very close to the stadium on the day of the end of season charity ball, the contrast between the players in their suits and the urban backdrop really make this picture work.”


Pre-Charity Ball photo shoot

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  • North London derby delight
  • Jack Wilshere's first goal back
  • Thierry Henry's fairytale return
  • Per Mertesacker celebrates his goal against Tottenham
  • Pre-Charity Ball photoshoot

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27 Dec 2012