On the team’s performance…
“I think it was a poor game. And that’s it.”

On Fabianski’s performance…

“I think it was a foul on both goals. There is no purpose to play the ball from the Blackburn players. Every time it’s to stop the keeper from getting to the ball. And in football when you don’t go for the ball, when you stop your opponent, the keeper, from going for the ball it’s a foul.”

On if he thinks Blackburn targeted Fabianski

“I don’t know. I’m not in the dressing room. But I think the referee cannot allow that. You have no chance as a keeper to go for the ball if every time you go somebody pushes you. The two players in front of him every time had only one purpose – to stop him from getting the ball. They did not even watch the ball.
But that does not take away from the fact that we were not good, but that’s completely unfair for me. “

On why Arsenal was not at their best
“Because I believe that some individual performances will explain that. The fact that Blackburn defended well. They were sharper in the fight than us. In the one-versus-one they were on top of us. I believe as well we were unlucky because there was a penalty on Van Persie in the second half at 1-1. It could have gone both ways, but overall Blackburn was sharper in the duels and in the fights than us. And then it becomes very difficult to win football games.”

On if Fabianski should have had more protection from the referee

“When it is a foul, [calling] a foul is the right protection, you know? I am very disappointed that he lets that happen in a football game. It’s unfair to a goalkeeper. If they did it well, they do it well, but you know that, you feel that when you smell the game as a referee. You have to give more protection. He has no chance. When you jump into the air and are unbalanced, what can you do?”

On this game affecting Fabianski’s confidence

“I think he had a good game. It should affect the confidence of the referee.”

On losing seven games away from home this season
“I believe that many teams lost games. At the moment, since we are not in the race anymore, something is gone in the belief. We tried to do well, but you see that something is missing. That is called belief to go for something. That’s why we lost the last two games.”

On how to restore belief
“There is one game to go and we don’t play away, we play at home.”

On the importance of the last game of the season and if Tottenham can catch up
“I believe we do not have to worry about Tottenham or Manchester City. We have to worry about us and finish well this season.”

On if he shook hands with Sam Allardyce
“Yes, we did shake hands.”

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3 May 2010