Arsenal Ladies Under-17 youngster Rebecca Bull was handed the honour of carrying the Paralympic torch on Wednesday, August 22.

Rebecca was chosen from thousands of hopefuls for the prestigious achievement. Below is her story:

"We started off at City Hall - Boris Johnson was there! Then we got onto an Olympic shuttle bus to the
road where we were carrying the flame. I was the first one to light the torch!

"I stood there for a while and people were taking photos of me with the lit flame! People were shouting my name, asking for photos, waving - it was just incredible.

"Then I started my walk, which was amazing! I couldn’t put the feeling into words. I was sponsored as a local hero. They e-mailed and said they wanted inspiring stories to be nominated as a torchbearer. So I told them mine and this is what I sent:

'A year ago, my mum was diagnosed with her third lot of cancer, this time in her brain. It was a very tough time for me because she became very frail, weak and lived in hospital.

'But I was determined to help pull her through this life-threatening illness. She was my priority along with keeping the house running, my fitness, exams and playing football for Arsenal and England.

'I remember visiting her, saying she could do it and sitting with her until she fell asleep. I showered, dressed and watched over her. I massaged her feet (she loved it!) and helped her with her physio exercises to build her strength back up.

'She wanted me to keep going and make her proud with my football. This gave me the determination
to do well and make her the proudest mum. I made a lot of money at school for charity, selling cup cakes I made for breast cancer.

'She is my hero, still fighting the illness but getting stronger. If i had the chance to hold the torch, I would hold it up for her future health and be proud.'

It was a fantastic day!

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31 Aug 2012