Friday, July 13

By Steph Houghton

Stephanie Houghton

We've been together almost a week now and naturally there is a huge buzz around all of the girls at the moment.

This week has been a whirlwind of excitement for us all and I think everybody is really glad that we met up on Sunday. We are all desperate for the Olympics to begin and I know that we cannot wait for our first game against New Zealand in Cardiff.


Last Sunday, our first day together, was spent at our Loughborough training site. In truth It was a bit of an overwhelming day and everybody was excited by the amount of kit we received.

It was all so surreal. You went into two separate rooms where you were met by your own personal guide who helped you pick the right sizes. There was just so much stuff, I don't think people have really come down from that! The kit is also really nice, which is a bonus. You can see photos from the day via my Twitter page.

The following morning we got the chance to watch the men's team train before they flew out to Spain for their own training camp. We went down to the pitches and had a big squad photo with both teams involved. Then it was cardiac screening and training in the afternoon, which provided a bit of team bonding. It was basically getting the squad together and having a bit of a laugh really.

On Wednesday we went to a place called Tank Mania just down the road. We trained in the morning and had the afternoon off to enjoy a team-bonding activity. Basically you get dressed up in camouflage army gear and get into three different tanks which went down various different dirt tracks.

So we were all there sitting in them going through the mud on the first one, which obviously created a bit of mess. Then there was another on-road one where we were going around hotels for about five miles. It was really enjoyable and something different!

I don't know if everybody was expecting it to be honest - although we were all hoping we might actually be able to drive the tanks. It was good for us to try something new because normally we just tend to go shopping or for a coffee or something.

Elsewhere, a lot of the girls have spent most of their time in the games room having a laugh. I'd probably say table tennis is our game - me and Ellen White are doubles champions, by the way. Nobody has beaten us yet, I'd like to get that out there! I also beat Kim Little 3-0! Kim likes to think that she is good at every sport (which she probably is) so to beat her at table tennis was quite a proud moment for me.

Today we have a double training session and then we are going out for food. I think it is a winery half an hour down the road - but sadly I don't think we'll be drinking wine.

That's all for now, but keep your eye on the website over the coming week for more instalments from the Team GB camp. We can't wait to get started.

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13 Jul 2012