Friday, July 27

By Steph Houghton

Stephanie Houghton

After the climax of Wednesday's opening-day win against New Zealand, it's time to re-focus and concentrate on our next match against Cameroon in Cardiff on Saturday. It's easy to be swept in by the excitement of the Olympics but we definitely cannot afford to do that.

Yesterday we had the day off so the morning was all about resting after the night before. That includes ice baths and the swimming pool - anything to get you off your feet to be honest. I managed to go and see my dad and brother because they were still down and travelling back up later in the day.

We just went to a coffee shop for a chat - it takes a long time to get back to the North East! We were looking at all of the newspapers and media, which are obviously amazing to look over and keep. He went and bought all of the papers after the New Zealand game so I'm sure there will be a scrapbook somewhere down the line.

Today is all about training and focusing on the Cameroon. We have a session this afternoon to prepare in all areas for what we have to face. We now have to get to know our opponent, get engaged and ready for action once more.

We stayed to watch Cameroon's game against Brazil to analyse both sides as much as we could. I think Brazil obviously showed their class and they have some very good individual players that can win games by themselves.

But both sides are going to pose tough challenges over the next few days. We just have to make sure that we prepare properly to get as much rest and recovery as we can in between games. I am sure Hope will have us prepared for Cameroon on Saturday - we just have to try and take our game to them now.

Watching them on Wednesday, we know that they are going to be a physical presence. They are strong, quick and have some good individual players going forward. It isn't going to be easy but I know we'll have a system and strategy to try and stop them. We want to attack and score goals.


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27 Jul 2012