By Chris Toronyi

Hard to believe I've been writing this blog for a year. I originally set out to write match reports and opinions about the squad, but it's evolved into something bigger. Something more passionate, which is hard not do when talking about football-soccer. It's become a commentary on the Arsenal lifestyle. How it affects weekends, moods, thoughts. Basically, how it's involved in everything I do, we do, during the week. I can safely say that how our Club thinks at the macro level has shaped some of my views of business and sport for better or for worse.

Additionally, these entries are bit of therapy for me. They're cathartic. Without them I'm pretty sure my brain would implode from over thinking each result, analyzing why a player or manager decided to make the decision they did. Supporting The Arsenal is a relationship. It involves a lot of love, some disagreements, maybe even arguments. But most of all it involves supporting the players and manager when things are bad, not going to plan.

Case in-point is this year again. We are at another crossroads, a standing that isn't up to where we've been under Wenger. Who knows what the reason is, why we are there. The fact is that we are again fighting for 4th. It's definitely taxing on us supporters. The Arseblog sent a chart out that compares our standing last year to this year's current table slot. Not that much different from last year, but as YankeeGunner pointed out, we will probably need to get to 20-wins to secure 4th. It's gonna be a dog fight to get there, but who doesn't love a good fight - show a little character.

Like any relationship, a fight usually gets the truth out. It shows passion, shows want. The supporters definitely have it in their DNA, the question is, do the players have it in them? The players showed us last year when I started writing this blog. I feel confident we'll show it again. I hope we do or this relationship will require some intensive therapy.

I'm in a deep, loving relationship with Arsenal. My job is to support my better half through thick and thin. Yes, it will be a bit bumpy and trying at times, but that's what makes it fun - and makes the relationship worthwhile.

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22 Jan 2013